Sunday, June 02, 2019

True stories from my Sunday morning

Both of these are posted on Facebook, but most followers of my blog aren’t Facebook friends.  I posted it around 7 AM, and at 1:30 PM there are over 50 likes on it.

 This is comical in a way, but also kind of nice:  I took my guitar out in the front yard and was strolling around singing hymns loudly; it was early, so I assumed all neighbors were still asleep.  Gabe was having fun enjoying the smells of nature, apparently tracking something.   Over the sound of my loud mouth and my inept strumming I heard something.  I paused in my noise-making to find the source of such a racket and realized there were two mockingbirds singing along with me... or maybe they are critics and were telling me to keep my day job.  I began singing again and a cardinal (not the Catholic kind, the feathered kind) landed on the nearest treetop.  About that time Heather’s Great Dane came running over, and he and Gabe started running and playing around me.  Then I saw Heather, looking for her dog.  

Had I known I was going to attract such a crowd, I would have stayed in the house!  

No, I wouldn’t have... because it was fun!

The other little story was brief:

In other news, I got pecked in the head by Mama Bluebird a while ago.  She was letting me know in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t like a peeping tom looking at her babies.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

True stories are wonderful to hear...Love you Sunday morning. Sorry however, Mama bluebird didn't appreciate you efforts.