Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Facebook vacation and what's happening around here

About once a year, I get miffed at Facebook.  Just when I get used to something, they change it.  Yes, it's free.  You'll seldom hear me complain about it.  But for the past week, it's as though only four of my three hundred friends know I'm there; I can go to any of my friends' status and see what they've said, but otherwise I don't see them.  As I was fuming about this, I decided to treat it as I have many of life's problems:  Pretend it isn't there.  So I temporarily deleted my Facebook account.  For the most part, I don't get mad at the people, but I do grow tired of folks posting things that are out-and-out lies, and then when you tell them to check Snopes, they reply, "Snopes lies".  This usually just means Snopes won't tell them what they want to hear, because you know, these individuals know they are always right.  I don't fight about it.  I just sit here and simmer.  Obviously I needed a break.  If conditions are the same when I return, I might stay away longer, or permanently.  I spend way too much time on Facebook.  I would miss those memories that show up daily, though:  a lot of pictures I've taken over the past five years are of Cora.  She seems to be content at school now, which makes me very happy.

I'm was relieved to find out I can still play Words with Friends; it's been sort of connected to Facebook, but it gave me the option to sign in without the connection.  I spend too much time at that, too, but until I get tired of it, it isn't going anywhere.  

Most of my life I've heard people say it's OK to talk to yourself, as long as you don't answer yourself.  That's when you need to worry, they say.  Guess what?  Yesterday I listened to myself as I was cooking and talking (I don't always pay attention to myself) and realized I had just asked myself a question and then answered it.  I've gone round the bend for sure.  I often go past the shop and hear Cliff talking away, all by himself.  I guess we're both going around the bend together.

I've figured out why so many people in this country are overweight:  It's the Internet!  We used to have to go to the store for groceries; now, if you're in a metro area, you can have them delivered.  Once upon a time if you wanted a book to read, you had to walk into a library; now you download it to a tablet, right from your easy chair.  You can order anything on Amazon and other websites, so there's no need to go shopping.  No reason to gather with friends to play games, because there's any kind of game you might want online.  Are you lonely and need someone to talk to?  Social media will take care of that, and you won't have to clean your house or put on real clothes first (and you'll get lots of suggestions as to who you should not vote for... Ha!).  We hardly have to go anywhere except work, until you retire.  And these days, your job is likely to be a sedentary one.  

Yesterday the oldest granddaughter came to visit, bringing her Shih Tzu, Rory.  My dog and Rory got to know one another when the granddaughter kept Gabe for a couple days, but Rory still won't play with him until she's been here a couple of hours.  

Amber and I talked almost non-stop for about five hours, holding our dogs, comparing them, bragging about them... we were like two first-time mothers comparing their babies.

The laryngitis I had two days ago is gone, the sore throat is much improved, and other than a slight sore throat and that irritating cough I always get at the end of a cold, I feel OK.  

I was able to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows for three days straight last week.  Saturday morning I awoke with temperatures outside in the lower 40's.  I swore I wasn't going to turn the furnace on, but I finally did, for about two hours.  Now we're back to air conditioning; good old Missouri.  Starting tomorrow we have several good chances for rain, the best chances we've had all summer.  I sure hope it happens.

I'll try to have something more entertaining to talk about next time.  

Sincerely, Donna


  1. I hope you've been able to see my wedding pics! I have 966 friends and feel like I'm not seeing much from different ones. I know it's a hoax about FB only allowing us a limited amount of interaction, but it does seem like that sometimes. The lack of fact checking makes me WILD too. Then when I point it out, I get push back or people telling me that it doesn't matter because it's a good story. WHAT?? Truth doesn't matter? End rant.

  2. While I was at the retreat last weekend, I was notified by facebook that I was one of the millions that had been hacked. I had to completely re-register and change my password, etc. I thought about deleting the entire thing but my kids say they stay in touch with me that way so I went through the hoops of re-registering, etc. I do not like facebook. I have my blog and the kids should just read that know how it is... .


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