Sunday, October 07, 2018

Our visit to Weston

First off, you need to know that I suffered no lasting effects from ingesting two of Cliff's Flomax capsules.  I didn't feel great yesterday, but that was because I'd only slept about 12 hours over three days' time, thanks to my cough.  More good news: I don't think I coughed one time last night.  And since it's a good-news day, I'll share this:  We have 2 3/4 inches in the gauge at 6 AM and it's still falling.  I'm fairly certain that's the most rain we've received this year.  I'm very thankful; if the weather stays reasonably warm for at least a couple of weeks (that's asking a lot), the grass can grow and provide pasture for the animals for quite a while yet.  On the negative side, Cliff has my cold.  Bummer.  

First, I'll leave the link for Holladay Distillery HERE.  It gives you the history of the place.  

Since Arick was driving, we got there earlier than I expected.  That's OK, because Heather needed to eat something anyhow, so we killed some time driving on into Weston.  Our tour started at 11 o'clock, so there was time to browse the souvenir shop.  Drinks could be purchased: everything from Irish coffee to bourbon, plus a few things I never heard of; one couple at the little bar was in the area because they were attending a bachelor party that was going to last for two days.  At this point I felt completely normal except for my hacking cough and lack of sleep.  I made sure they had a coffee cup with the logo on it and planned to buy one on the way out.  Then our congenial guide, Harrison, showed up.  Cliff was pleasantly surprised that he could hear this guy.  He had a strong voice and spoke clearly.  We've been on so many tours with guides who didn't speak loudly and clearly enough for someone with hearing problems, so Cliff misses out.  

There were twelve of us who boarded the bus that was to take us from one building to another.  I was still feeling fine at this point.   

I know that jeans jacket totally ruins the look of my tunic top, but it was chilly outside!  It was either that or my heavy winter coat, which would have been far too much.  I've always put comfort over style.

You'll have to forgive me for not having more to say about these pictures; after getting dizzy and briefly passing out during the tour, I'm a little foggy about things.  Yesterday I mentioned we were in the barrel house when I had that spell.  Cliff says, no, it was in the building where they actually make the product; picture-taking isn't allowed there.  Beats me, but that doesn't really change the general story line much.  I think we were looking down at water storage tank here.  People tossed money toward a basket in the middle; if they hit the basket, they get a free koozie.  Arick ended up with one, and so did Heather.

Click HERE to read about the mold on the building.  Very interesting.

This is where the product is bottled.

There we are, toward the end of the tour.  Harrison took pictures for anyone who asked.  You'd never know I'd been sitting on a floor passing out not long before this was taken, right?  Trust me, I was still a little wobbly.  Cliff and Arick stayed on either side of me for quite a while after, just in case; I was well looked after. 

 We ate at America Bowman Restaurant, which is somehow part of O'Malley's.  Read about them HERE.  The grandson bought some Scotch Eggs, and I had a bite of one.  Keep in mind this is only about forty-five minutes after my dizziness and nausea, so perhaps I would have liked it better under normal circumstances; I never tasted a crunchy egg before.  After lunch, we went next door and went far underground to O'Malley's, because I wanted to see the cave.  People who drink too much while there may be a little put out when they realize you have to climb a lot of stairs to get to the rest rooms at ground level.

 I was pretty much myself by this time, able to take pictures without somebody holding me up.  I continued to drink water at every opportunity in an attempt to get all the Flomax out of my body.

Cliff took a sit-down break while he had a chance, after climbing up those stairs from O'Malley's.

We window-shopped at several flea-market type stores.  Heather is creative, and likes to stroll through these places looking for ideas.  Finally, for our last stop of the day, we went to Weston Tobacco Company, because Arick, like his dad, is quite the cigar aficionado.   The Kansas City Star had an interesting article about the place HERE.

I wish I hadn't had that unpleasant experience from accidentally taking some of Cliff's meds, but all's well that ends well.  It was an enjoyable day for us all, I think.  The kids live in our old house next door since they bought the place, but we don't often go anywhere together.  By the way, Cliff's meds and mine no longer have the same storage place, so there should be no danger of another mixup. 



  1. It could have been a better day without the medication mix-up, but it still looks and sounds like lots of fun. And I love your top!!

  2. looks like a fun outing.

  3. This was a fun outing for you all. I had a quiet weekend for a change and I throughly enjoyed it! Donna, I find myself mis-reading is what I call it grocery items, etc. I come home with the wrong item because I didn’t have my glasses 👓 on or just didn’t read it throughly. I’m glad your okay.


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