Saturday, April 07, 2018

Traveling on a bus

In the previous entry I mentioned there isn't a lot of leg room on a bus.  On this particular trip, though, there were only 29 passengers, about half the full capacity of the bus.  So several of us chose to have an entire two-person seat to ourselves, which allows a little "wiggle-and-stretch room" for the legs.  I sat in the seat behind Cliff, who spent most of the way to our destination reading a book I highly recommended to him:  "The Good Daughter" by Karin Slaughter.  So time passed quickly for him.  I enjoyed listening to scattered conversations among the other folks, and also spent some time on Facebook (there's a shocker, right?).  We hadn't gotten too far on our journey when I got a private message from my daughter saying my granddaughter had eclampsia, and the doctors decided to induce labor for the benefit of mother and daughter.  

Isn't it strange how time can pass so quickly when going to a destination, but so slowly when you're heading home?  

Now let me tell you about an age-related problem that is sometimes an issue:  there are days my bladder refuses to hold more than half-an-ounce.  Thank goodness there's a toilet in the back of the bus, because I'd either have had an accident, or else the bus would have had to stop especially for me, which wouldn't have won me a lot of friends.  Have you ever tried to walk down the aisle of a bus going 80 miles per hour?  I managed it by holding onto the backs of seats as I made my way back.  Oh, and have you ever actually tried to USE one of those tiny rest rooms, all the time swaying too and fro, back and forth?  I'm just thankful there wasn't enough room to fall down while standing, or to fall off the pot while seated.  

Cliff and I each had a piece of toast before we left home, knowing we wouldn't be eating breakfast until about 9.  We ate at a truck stop in Kingdom City.  I could tell by looking the food wasn't great, but the salad bar was already there, so I chose a salad.  Cliff confirmed my suspicions about the quality of the food.  I'm not complaining:  Joyce, the club secretary, plans these trips with some input, I believe, from the driver.  Sometimes, in order for the timing of the whole trip to work, you take what you can get.  The rest of our meals during this adventure were wonderful.  

Here's a thing about traveling with mature ladies of a certain age:  All the women love to bake, and they love to see people eating their food.  So from time to time, cookies, banana bread, and other goodies are passed around.  There was also leftover Easter candy, snack crackers, and other such delights in abundance.  Trust me, nobody is going to starve on these trips!  I snack very little on the way to our destinations.  Going home, it's a different story.  

I'll close this with a picture of my new great-granddaughter, Amara.



  1. How cute! I love babies!

  2. amara is sweet for sure. a beautiful baby, indeed.

  3. Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your new great granddaughter!

  4. Beautiful baby, and I'm glad that Cliff and you are still up for adventures. I think that's great!!

  5. Amara is a beautiful baby. Congratulations! I never use the bathroom on a bus or a plane. At least not yet~~ha! Wendy

  6. Amara is such a pretty name. Congrats on your new grandbaby. She is precious.


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