Sunday, April 08, 2018

A quick entry about the stats of this blog

I've been blogging since 2006.  If I don't do an entry for a few days, the number of people reading my nonsense drops very low, although google brings occasional visitors every day.  If you go to Google search and type in "just me donna", my blog is at or near the top of the sites listed.  

Before I get back to our trip to Peoria, I thought I'd share my most popular blog entries over the years.  

The most-visited page is one that always gets attention this time of year, when Mother Nature shows us she's truly bi-polar:  Freezing temperatures and tulips, with 5,516 visits.

The next most popular entry surprises me:  Full-moon insomnia, 3294 visits.

Apparently I'm not the only person who wondered what to do with my mother's old handkerchiefs, because this entry is third in popularity:  What do you do with old hankies, 2415 hits.  By the way, if you read the comments on that entry, you'll see someone gave me a solution, and I took advantage of her advice.

The above-mentioned entries aren't anything special to me, but obviously a lot of people go to Google looking for answers and end up, by pure chance, clicking on a link to this blog on a random entry.  The next two in line are blog entries I loved doing and am truly proud of, especially the second one.  

Number four in popularity is The Kinzenbaw Tractor collection, created in 2014 after our visit to see one of the largest tractor collections you'll ever see.  It's recently zoomed in popularity.  I've searched to see if somebody posted the link someplace else on the Internet, but all I see is that Google brought them to my blog.  There have been 2242 visitors to that entry since it was posted.  I'm proud of this entry because someone chose to post the link on the Kinze Manufacturing company website.  So Mr. Kinzenbaw has undoubtedly read it and approves. 

This next entry is one segment of a group of stories I posted, but did not create.  A former neighbor who grew up next door to us brought me a story her uncle wrote several years ago about his life.  I asked permission to share the story in segments on my blog, and those entries will always be near and dear to my heart.  All I did was type his words, once in awhile changing a word or two to clarify a point.  I had to choose a few things to leave out, things that would have been of interest to his relatives but perhaps not to all my readers.  One Man's Story of Growing Up in the Waterloo Bottoms, read 1,555 times. 

Notice I made the titles clickable links, so if you want to click and go to those entries, you can.  

This is the chart that tells me my all-time stats since 2006.  I can also check to see how many people visited which entry in the last 24 hours, or last week or last month.  I used to have a stat-meter on the blog that even showed me the location of my visitors, but one time I decided to do some different things to my blog.  I did something wrong, and stat-meter won't work any more.  I'm no computer guru.  Since then I've left things alone, afraid I'd click the wrong thing and lose my whole blog!  

If any of my readers would like to write a story similar to that last one that I'm so proud of, I'd be glad to share your story with my readers at some point.  If you didn't want your name with it, I'd omit it.  If I don't think it is of great interest to my various readers, I will tell you.  I'm just throwing the suggestion out there, because Jim's story was loved by one and all.  My mother's story was the same sort of thing, and very well loved by the readers of this blog.

And now I must get back to the story of our bus trip and the things we did in Peoria.  I may have it done today, or it may post tomorrow.

I will leave you with a picture of me, Cliff, and Amara, our newest great-grandchild.  We got to meet her yesterday!  She came three weeks early and seems very tiny compared to the other babies in our family.


  1. Congratulations Donna on the birth of your granddaughter Amara! I’m so glad you and Cliff enjoyed your trip! Gabs

  2. Beautiful photo and I love her name! I used to be curious about my stats, but now not so much.

  3. Congrats again on your beautiful great granddaughter! That pictures is priceless for sure. Interesting reading about the stats on your blog. Now you've made me curious. I need to check out my stats too.


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