Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello out there

My red iris
Cliff is getting a cat scan this morning.  Tomorrow he will see one of his surgeon's associates, and will see about getting his Jackson-Pratt tubes removed.  The lower one has almost no output now, so I think they will pull that one.  The upper one, the one that tortures him with every movement, isn't putting out a lot of fluid, but it's cloudy and dark-colored.  I don't know if that makes a difference.  We are cautiously optimistic.  
When Cliff first got sick, he weighed 232.  He now weighs 211.  Here's a little story I shared on Facebook today: 
Cliff has lost a lot of weight during the last month, needless to say. This morning he was at the bathroom sink shaving and I said, "After your cat scan today, I'm going to run in Walmart and get you some underwear that fits." 
"No," he says, "these are JUST FINE!" 
So I got my Ipad and took a picture of his backside and showed it to him. 
"Seriously? You are going to walk around like Droopy-Drawers?" 
I thought he was going to fall in the floor laughing at the picture. When he was finally able to talk, he said, "I think we'd better get me some shorts." 
I'd love to show my Facebook friends the picture, but I promised him I wouldn't.

Cliff is able to eat more now, although every meal is followed up by his munching on Tums.  Most food still doesn't taste right to him, but they tell me that is to be expected.  He has forced himself to get out and walk more each day, in spite of the stabbing pain caused by the tube that runs between two of his ribs, and he has regained some strength.  Last week he did some mowing on the riding mower, but he paid dearly for it the next day.  Now he's fretting about the hay that is almost ready to be mowed, and has threatened to simply rotary-mow it like you would mow weeds.  That's fine by me.  Hay just doesn't seem very important right now.  
I haven't been in the mood to blog about trivial things lately, and there really wasn't anything new going on with Cliff, so that's why I've been absent from Blog-land.  
We'll see what happens tomorrow at the doctor's office.    


DesLily said...

so glad Cliff is recovering quickly.. I hope the tubes come out and that he's up and attem.

wow I miss my brothers Iris's!! that red one is gorgeous!

ingasmile said...

I hope you all receive good news today and Cliff can get those tubes out!! It sure has been an up hill battle with this illness. Droopy drawers are not at all attractive, glad he is listening to you and getting some new ones.

Those Iris are beautiful. I only have yellow and would like to have more some day.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for the update as you have been in my thoughts. Hopefully some relief will be coming with the removal of the tubes soon. My advice for Cliff would be to stay off those tractors. That is a lot of bouncing around. Will keep you both in my prayers as always.


I am glad the Droopy-Drawers gave you something to laugh about. It has been tough going for a while, I know.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I hope the news is good and the tubes come out. I love the red iris, don't think I've ever see that particular color. Beautiful!

Paula said...

You and Cliff seem likt old friends, not old, but you know what I mean so hope he stays off that tractor. No relapses wanted.

Paula said...

Where did that t come from? I know how to spell like

Margaret said...

Don't let him overdo! I know he's probably hard to control because he really wants to do stuff. :) What a lousy way to lose weight, but I did laugh about the underwear. The same thing happened to my husband when he lost 30 pounds.

Carlene Noggle said...

I laughed thinking about you taking a picture of cliff's backside. Seems like something I would have done! lol lol Hope yall get great news today!love you.

krueth said...

Loved the droopy drawers part, ha ha! So glad Cliff is healing and gaining strength, I sure hope he is able to get both tubes out now. Surely there is someone who can cut and bale the hay for you. Cliff is always doing for others that someone should be able to do that back. Take care Wendy