Friday, May 24, 2013

Found: One George Jones T-shirt

Cliff and I went to see George Jones in concert at Ameristar Casino in 2004.  Of course, I bought a T-shirt.  Then I retired and promptly started putting on weight, and the shirt was consigned to a far corner of a seldom-opened drawer.
When I decided last year that I was going to be fat forever, I got rid of a lot of the clothes that didn't fit me.  The jeans that were in good shape went into those boxes where you give your clothes to poor people in other countries.  Some clothes went in the trash, which would be a good place for most of my clothes once I'm done with them.  There isn't a lot of demand for used sweat pants that are ripped at the seams.
The other day I came upon the George Jones shirt, which still looks good as new even though I bought it nine years ago.  Lo and behold, it fit!

It says, "We all have "choices" and that's the "cold hard truth".

And on the back (notice Minnie Pearl has the tag of her T-shirt showing) is a picture of George as a kid.

Rest in peace, George.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congrats on the weight loss. It must feel very good to get back into your shirt.

Paula said...

You're lookin' great Mosie.

Margaret said...

Awesome shirt on you--I love the color! I collect tee-shirts and it's time for some new ones.


It's nice to find something you loved from long ago still around and fitting perfectly. ENJOY!

Lisa said...

You look great my friend !!!!!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

A real treasure, especially now after his passing. I actually live in the middle of all his old stomping grounds here in Texas where he grew up. So, of course he was and always will be beloved of us. - Barbara
Life & Faith in Caneyhead