Sunday, May 09, 2010

More Iris stuff

In an earlier post, I showed Iris curled up in the cage/kennel we borrowed from Cliff's oldest sister, Rena.  Cliff's other sister, the one in St. Louis, called to tell me that she thought that was too small a space for Iris, and that there was a big pet kennel out at their farm, a few miles from here, that we were welcome to it.  They had bought it for their black lab, who died years ago.
So we went and got it.  I hosed it down, let it air-dry, and brought it in the house.  It barely fit through the door.  I put it beside our bed where I had kept the smaller cage.

  It's taller than the bed!

However, Iris likes it much better than the cage, and even went inside it a few times of her own free will.  I don't plan to make this gigantic thing a permanent fixture in my bedroom; but if it will help Iris settle in, I'll leave it there for a month or so.  
She's still working on getting rid of the kennel cough.  She ate more today than she's consumed on any day since she came here, so that's a good sign.  She and I just finished a rousing game of fetch-the-ball outside.  She does seem a bit less anxious now when I go outside without her.
She loves toys.  She isn't silly, like Sadie was, but she does love to play.

Here's a brief video I made of her guarding her favorite toys.  By the way, if I play this, she goes totally nuts when she hears her squeaky toy, and runs in the living room to see if it's still there.    
We left Iris in her pen Saturday while we left to do a few things; she was still there when we got home three hours later, all curled up in her little nest.  So the outside pen is a success!


  1. Glad you and your new pet are getting along so well. Have fun!

  2. Seems like she feels more secure closed in. The video was cute. She still looks shy when she is looking at you. Daisy kinda does that when you look straight at her while wagging her tail all the time. Funny that she runs to check on her toy when you play the video and she hears it. Glad that she is adjusting better. Helen

  3. So good to see that Iris is settling in. Maybe after a while she will realize that she has found her forever home and become even less anxious. You have to wonder if she thinks every time you leave you are deserting her.

  4. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Dee from Tennessee

    Sounds like it's all coming together. Just so thankful that y'all "found" each other. (Just read your other post about computers. I've been attempting to adjust to a netbook, and I'm still struggling with the typepad -- I can just "look at it" and it will jump from one page to another. I've written other comments for you the past couple of weeks or so and I keep losing them cause this thing has a mind of its

  5. Iris looks like she might have some greyhound in her ?.. it looks like she is settling in for the long haul !

  6. What a beautiful dog. It seems likeyou are trying to be a good mother.

  7. My dog Buzzy came over to see what all the squeeking was coming from the video!


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