Thursday, May 13, 2010

Around the yard

I picked these strawberries this morning after the rain quit.  There's about two cups.  Cliff and I will have a little cereal with our strawberries.  

This is a red iris; I guess that's as red an iris as they were able to develop, eh?  

I'm still trying to get a decent picture of an oriole.  I can see that they would go through a jar of grape jelly in a day, so I'm simply going to give them four tablespoons in the morning and that will have to do them.  


  1. Strawberries for FREEEEEE!!!! With a matching iris.

  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Oh you have me wanting to put in a strawberry what shall I take out to have room??? hmmm!!! food for thought...LOLOL...they look soooooooooo good...I bought some at walmart today..not bad price...1.25 a you guys...we enjoy them on cereal!!! God Bless...hugs...Ora

  3. Those strawberries look good enough to make a small strawberry cobbler pie. Yummy. That red iris is beautiful. Helen

  4. My mouth is watering as I look at your strawberries. What a delicious breakfast you all must have had. That is very interesting about the grape jelly attracting those orioles. What a delight they must be to watch.

  5. Those strawberries look good. I cannot believe at this moment there is 20 degrees difference in our temps. lol


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