Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cats on Tuesday

I don't normally participate in this meme; I'm really not a "cat person", and my cats live in the barn (quite happily, I might add).

However, I decided to take this opportunity to introduce you to a southern belle of a cat who lives in Georgia and kindly allows my son and his family to live with her. Her name is Possum, and she's seventeen years old (you'd never know it). I'm an early riser, and this cat greeted me in the kitchen every morning of my visit there, supervising my coffee-making.

Friday I decided to take a nap on my granddaughter's bed; Possum was already there ahead of me, but there was plenty of room for us both, so I laid down and dozed off with no problem. When I woke up, Possum was snuggled against me with her head on my arm, purring hard enough to shake the bed.

So I guess we're friends now. Please don't tell her I'm not a cat person.


  1. Nice that you participated this week ! You are not a cat person ?? I very much doubt it, lol ! Why don't you choose a nice little cat from your barn and keep it with you just in case you are cold during the night. Cats are great bed warmers !

  2. Nice to meet you! I hope you come back. I do Dogs on Thursday even though I don't own dogs. But dogs are big around here and my daughter has two that impact my life all the time (sigh).

    Possum is gorgeous. I have a cat named Possum, and she's a dilute Tortie, too! Interesting!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. LOL Donna Possum just proved that ALL animals love you.

  4. Possum is just adorable! She sure doesn't look her age!! What's her secret? I am a cat person and I love when they snuggle up beside me in bed and purr, puts me right to sleep!

  5. So possum rules you with a firm paw? Looks like she has trained you properly! Welcome to COT

  6. possum is a beauty! wow

  7. I don't know that Jakie knows you're not a cat person. :o)



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