Friday, August 26, 2011

The mystery is solved!

My follower in France left a comment on yesterday's post; here's what she had to say:

Hello - yes, I am your follower in France, actually the satellite does not quite 'pinpoint' me correctly - I live in St Romain sur Cher which is in Centre. However, I am English and found your site via another English blogger that I follow. I really enjoy your daily updates on life in the countryside in USA - We also live in the country surrounded by farmland and animals. Now your mystery is solved and you know who I am. I will try to comment from time to time and will continue to follow your blog.Regards Carol
Carol, don't feel under an obligation to comment.  Compared to how many people read this drivel, it's only a small percentage who comment.  I do thank you, though, for satisfying my curiosity!  I think it's fantastic that we country folks can find common interests even though we are widely separated by geography.
Speaking of comments, here's one my friend Ora left this morning on Facebook concerning this picture of our guests:  "Is that your little "cabin house" in the background....and those tall trees....are they those pitiful looking little twigs you planted some years ago....?????? wow...I need to plant some like that...what are they called???? hugs all day....and that Pat and Celeste...awesome couple for sure!!!"
Yes Ora, that is my former cabin; perhaps you missed the entry I made about us moving it up here because I never used it any more.  And yes, the trees you speak of are the Lombardy Poplars we planted a short three years ago.  You need to know a few things about them before you plant them, though.  They don't live long, so I imagine in another three years they will start dying at the top.  We knew this when we planted them, but we wanted something temporary until the Norway Spruce got a good start.  In fact, Cliff will probably take them out this winter.  Another thing you need to know is that they send roots far out into your yard and sprouts will start growing.  Here in the country, we had to make sure and put the trees far away from our septic tank and lines, because there can be a problem with that, too.  
We put those trees there to get some privacy from the (ahem) people who lived there; the trees also made a convenient blind where I could hide and watch some of the crazy carryings-on over there.  Yes, I'm that nosy neighbor whose curiosity is aroused when the cops descend on a house next door.  Now the house is deserted, and if I understand things right, it will have to stay deserted for a year before anybody else can buy it from the bank.  The house on the other side of our place is similarly deserted.  One thing about it, the neighborhood is much quieter these days.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad to see that comment from France. It's good to know who is reading what you write. The trees are beautiful. Too bad they'll have to come down. Hopefully your Spruce will look just as good someday.

madcobug said...

Glad that your mystery person let herself be known. Nice to know she is a country person like yourself. Those trees Ora spoke of have really grown. Good picture of Pat and Celeste.May they have safe travels.

Margaret said...

Those kind of trees are used in central WA for wind breaks. (so windy there) I'm glad your visitor uncloaked. I wish some of mine would!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Your nosy neighbor comment made me laugh out loud. My hubs likes to "keep an eye" on a couple of our neighbors, too. Guess we should plant him a blind ~