Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What's Cliff up to?

The temperature is above 100 degrees, but Cliff is in his shop.  He isn't doing anything strenuous, though.  

He is working with a teeny, tiny piece of a tractor part, a piece of ....

a freshly-cleaned carburetor from an Oliver 550 tractor!  

I realize this is a terrible picture, but hey... deal with it.  
I go out to the shop from time to time to eat a freezer-pop.  We've found out freezer-pops don't taste nearly as good, eaten in an air-conditioned house.  There's something about the way a hot day melts them, turning them to brightly-colored syrup and slush, that makes them yummy.   
Iris doesn't want to leave the air conditioned house, but she also doesn't want me going outside without her.  So she suffers the heat with me.

Here's a brief snippet of Cliff working on the carburetor.  In the background you'll hear the roar of a fan, and Tom T. Hall singing on the XM radio.  
I hate the way Youtube puts links to unrelated videos at the end of my videos.  Does anybody know if there's a way I can prevent them doing that?


Margaret said...

That freezer pop looks delicious!! I need to buy some for our measly 80 degrees. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't have any freezer pops but I do need to get outside every now and then. Evening is usually my best time or early morning. The porch swing has been getting some use here.

Anonymous said...

Dee fom TN

and watermelon wine......

darev2005 said...

I think that's just the way Youtube sucks people in to watching more of their videos. It takes a word from your title or description and links in random vids with the same word or words. Just like a search engine does. That increases their traffic so no, I don't think you can get around it.

Them freezer pops sure do taste better outside, don't they?