Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here's why I never get anything done

Three entries on one day?  I know!!!
Cliff and I went for our walk this morning; as we got back to the house, he remarked that Jody's halter (Jody is my four-month-old heifer) looked like it was a little snug.  
"I don't think so," I told him.  
We entered the house and I said, "OK, I have to get those morning dishes done; they've set there long enough."  
And I headed toward the kitchen.  As I passed the trash can, I noticed a strong odor wafting therefrom and set the trash can on the porch to be taken care of after the dishes were done. 
Back in the kitchen, I noticed Iris' dish had no food in it, so I went to the back porch and returned with a scoopful of food.  Just as I was about to dump it in the bowl, I saw that the water in the other side of the bowl looked a little murky; no wonder she's been drinking from the bathroom stool.  
So I set down the scoop of dog food, took the dish to the sink, and scrubbed both sides thoroughly.  Then I filled the food side and went to get non-softened water, which we get from an outside hydrant and keep in the refrigerator in a jug.  The jug was almost empty.
I took it outside to the hydrant and filled it.  On the way back, I looked at Jody and decided perhaps Cliff was right about her halter; it did look a little tight.  Setting the filled water jug on the back steps, I went into Jody's pen and loosened her halter by one notch.  I'm glad I listened to Cliff.  
When I turned Jody loose, she ran to her feed trough, just her subtle way of letting me know it was empty.  I went to the garage and got her a can full of feed.  When I dumped it in the trough, I noticed she was covered with flies, so I went up on the back porch and got the fly spray.  That got rid of the pesky flies, if only for a short time.  I picked up the full water jug on the steps and went into the kitchen.  
"Finally I will get to the dishes," I thought.  
I started running the water, but there was the used paper milk filter in the sink.  I carried it to where the trash can should have been, but of course it was still on the porch.  I went out, pulled the full trash bag out of it, and brought in the empty trash can.  Of course I got a fresh bag and lined it with that, then tossed the used milk filter in.  
Back at the sink I turned on the faucet, squirted in a little dish detergent, and thought to myself, "This would make a pretty good blog entry."  
I left the dishes soaking and came here to tell my story.  
Can anyone relate?  
OK, I'm going to wash my dishes, which ought to be well-soaked by now. 

This computer desk sure is dusty; I'd better do something about that while it's on my mind, or I'll forget.
Hold the phone!!!!  Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, is on Paula Deen!  The dishes can wait, and so can the dust.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that does things like that. The dishes can wait there are more important things to do. Hope your Saturday is a great one! Or maybe I already said that. I have read all your entries today.

Ms Martyr said...

This is what FlyLady refers to as the Sidetracked Home Executive (SHE). There are a lot of us. You do know about Ree's new show on Food Network starting today?

Donna said...

Yes, Ms Martyr, I did a lot of updating about her show on Facebook and recorded her show so Cliff and I could watch it together; yes, Cliff IS a fan of Pioneer Woman!

Calfkeeper said...

HaHaHaHa....this is the story of my life every day. Minus the dog and heifer of course. I get so sidetracked sometimes I forget what I started out to do in the first place. I figure the dishes will always be there.

Forty Pound Sack said...

I go through a similar scenario every day at home, then I repeat it at work. I walk around telling myself to "focus!" ~

madcobug said...

I hope you get those dishes taken care of before bedtime LOL. I have a few I need to take care of also, wait, I have to read some blogs first. Helen

Pat said...

I am the same way. Sometimes I have at least 7 things going on at one time, and never finish the first one I started. LOL

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a childhood book I have seen. It is called "if you give a mouse a cookie . . . "

Mrs. L said...

The difference between you and me is that I can walk by anything that has to be done.

Lindie said...

You are funny! But it happens to me too!

patsy said...

where was cliff? just cause he is retired doesn't mean he can't let a halter out a notch.

Donna said...

Believe it or not, Patsy, Jody is scared of everybody but me.