Monday, August 29, 2011

How my day went

I mentioned to Cliff last night that I'd like to go for a motorcycle ride.  
This morning I woke up and realized there was a load of laundry that seriously needed to be washed and hung on the line.  So I filled up the washing machine early on.  
Cliff got up and we ate breakfast (Cream of Wheat).  While he enjoyed his third cup of coffee, I did my therapy exercises.  As I was doing the last couple of them, Cliff got on the exercise bike for his daily five minutes; we're hoping that will be a good "warmup" before we walk, and perhaps his back will benefit.  
Then he accompanied me to the clothesline and helped me hang some wet clothes, and we walked.  
Now, I'm a little bit disgruntled that Bonnie's calf isn't taking more of her milk.  Her two previous calves were taking every drop by this age.  I want to be able to leave home for a few days, and until that calf takes more milk, we can't go anywhere.  It reminds me of something I saw on a sign in front of a church recently:  "If you want to see God laugh, show Him your plans."  
He must really be having a good laugh right about now.  We had all sorts of travel plans that have been put on hold.  
Cliff asked this morning where I wanted to ride, and I told him I really didn't care.  He suggested we visit a cousin of mine about twenty miles from here, and I told him that wasn't a long enough ride.  But then he started giving me other options, and when he mentioned Marshall, Missouri, I agreed.  It takes you through lovely farm country on roads that aren't too busy.  Because Cliff shared some of his junk money with me the other day, I told him we were going to use some of the funds in the "fun" envelope and eat out.  I figured there'd be plenty of places to eat in Marshall.  
When we got there, we did see several places:  Pizza Hut (no thanks, the only Pizza Hut we like is in Higginsville); Subway; Taco Bell; and a few others.  But, as I told Cliff, "None of these are ringing my bell.  Let's just save money and eat at McDonald's."  
That's what we ended up doing, to the tune of $4.25.  We ate off the dollar menu.   Two McDoubles, one small order of fries, two apple pies.  Water was our beverage of choice.  I mentioned to Cliff that the 25 cents tax was less than I expected.  
On the way home we stopped at our favorite orchard and bought a few peaches.  In Lexington, we went by the library and I got a library card in my name:  now I have both mine and Cliff's cards with which to check out e-books.  
I noticed it was after 2 o'clock, so I asked Cliff to go by Sonic; Happy Hour was on, and I wanted a large diet cherry limeade... Route 44 size, $1.  However, the tax was thirty-five cents, and Cliff insists on tipping those girls who deliver the order.  So it actually cost $2; had I known that was going to happen, I would have passed on the happy hour thing.  If only Lexington Sonic had a drive-through window!  Oh, and there's supposed to be a maraschino cherry at the bottom of the limeade; there was none in my drink.  I was ROBBED!
Cliff filled up with gas and we headed home (long way around because of road work, but I had my drink to help pass the time).  
It was a nice little getaway, so I'm going to forget about the $2 limeade WITH NO CHERRY AT THE BOTTOM.


Hollie said...

Maybe yall can get away over night soon! Sounds like a great outing today other than being robbed =0(

Hyperblogal said...

No you won't :)

Rachel said...

The O.G. Sonic is the best, but others will skip the cherry during happy hour or if you use a coupon.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was a beautiful day here and it sounds like it was a great one there too. We don't have a Sonic around here but that drink would be something I'd enjoy too, with or without the cherry.

Michaele said...

We are taco bell frequenters ourselves. I am picturing you on the back of the motorcycle with your big sonic cup. : )

Angela said...

I'm telling you, I feel your pain over the missing cherry. I like cherry dr. peppers and if there's not a cherry stem sticking out of the straw part of the lid, I know I've been done wrong.