Sunday, August 28, 2011



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Blogger Sonya said...
Oh I would be so stressed if I had to read a book in two weeks. lol Sounds fun though. I don't know what swagbucks is but I've seen people posting they got them on FB. Ya'll have a good Sunday. We are getting ready for church (the new one) and leave within the hour. I'm goofing off for 30 minutes. lol
5:34 AM
Blogger Angela said...
I like the library feature, too, but one thing that always gets me is that when a book I've been on hold for comes available, it always seems like I'M not available to read it. Putting that 2-week limit on something I have to read right then takes the enjoyment out of the whole process. Having said that, though, I absolutely love that little nook.
6:09 AM
Blogger Carolg said...
What are Swagbucks? Sorry but thats something I've never heard of before, I don't think we have them in Europe. Carol
6:13 AM
Blogger I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...
For the most part I've enjoyed the free books on my Kindle. I love the fact that I no longer have stacks of books laying around the house. I read so much that over the years I'm sure I could start my own library. Glad you are enjoying the nook. Either one is a great investment. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one.
6:47 AM
Anonymous Lindie said...
Do you check in with your Nook on Fridays for their free book? I have several from that.
6:51 AM
Blogger darev2005 said...
Still haven't gotten the hang of reading e-books. Bothers my eyes something fierce. Maybe when i get new glasses next year it will be better.  
Dave, you may have tried a backlit reader, which is hard on the eyes just like a computer monitor is.  The basic Nook reads exactly like a real book; you have to have a light turned on (or daylight) to read it.  
Lindie, most of the free books on Fridays don't seem to be anything I would read, although I have read a couple of the freebies. I wish I had gotten one last Friday that Angela mentioned on Facebook; she said it was a good one.  
CarolG and Sonya, if you go to you can open an account and then use the Swagbucks search engine rather than Google.  As you do searches, every once in awhile you will be informed that you are given some swagbucks.  You can exchange the swagbucks for e-gift cards to or Barnes and Noble or Paypal, then use them online.  Any time I accumulate 1,200, I buy an e-book for my Nook at Barnes and Noble.  I don't think it would matter what part of the world you live in, since it's all done online.   I first learned about Swagbucks when I noticed one of my regular readers came to my blog every day via Swagbucks.  I googled Swagbucks and also asked in my blog for information about it.  It isn't as good a search engine as Google, but most of the time it will get you what you want.  There's no gimmick, really, except that you might see some advertising at the top of the search page.  If you use a search engine, you may as well be getting paid for it.  I love freebies.  


Margaret said...

I ordered a couple of books I wanted to read from the library and they just came in. Very exciting!! Now I have to figure out if I like reading them on a tablet. (should I lower the light a lot?)

Donna said...

Margaret, just do whatever works for you. I can sit at a monitor for hours and not feel eyestrain, but I really do love the way my cheapo Nook reads exactly like a book. I have a Nook app on the Ipad, but I never use it to read anything that is on my Nook. I really should just get rid of that app.


I have a Kindle and love it. But they don't let you see books from the library on it, yet. That's suppose to change before the end of the year. So I buy my books from I also have a Kindle app for my Droid phone and Xoom tablet. I've never heard of Swagbucks. I might check it out. I'm glad you'll be able to get a new book. ENJOY!

darev2005 said...

Guess I'll have to check out the nook, then. Thanks!