Friday, August 19, 2011

considering the inevitable

Patsy reminded me in a comment on the last post that if either Cliff or I move on to the golden streets, household income will decrease considerably.  
Indeed it will, and when that happens, whoever remains will be making some fast changes.  
My Social Security makes the house payment, pays the water softener bill, and puts some money in savings for emergencies.  There's no way this household will remain solvent without it.  
As I have said many times, I would have a sale of farm equipment and tools, and sell the place; I think even in this depressed market the place would bring what is owed against it; but if not, I could just abandon it to the bank like a couple of neighbors have done with their places recently.  I would then move to an apartment in a town or city with sidewalks and a city bus service.  
I don't really know what Cliff's plan of action is, or whether he has one.  I do know his boss told him, when he retired, "If you ever need a job, come on back."  
That job is one that he could still do at the age of ninety, as long as his mind was good.    
It's a bridge that one of us will cross when the time comes.  
For now, everything is working.  


kcmeesha said...

I thought you get to claim some part of your spouse's social security as survivor's benefits.

darev2005 said...

I'm getting up there, but I don't even want to think about that right now. I would be seriously hosed without the wife. Let alone her income.

Donna said...

Meesha, that's what I'm doing now. If Cliff dies, I get his full amount, but none of mine. We both have to be alive to collect both. Mine, by the way, isn't that much once Medicare is taken out. It was $408 until Cliff retired. Now it's over $700.

School Time said...

Well, this does not sound good. I am only 61 and I am having a hard time this year. Larry gets ss starting this month, but we still need my paycheck until he gets old enough for medicare...but I don't know if I can make it. No insurance is not a good choice. Seems like someone always has our neck in a noose.

My friend's husband was going to start drawing his ss this month..their central air went out and something else big but I forget what it was...well, did as Cliff can do and went back to work. Said he will have to put off ss until the 2 big items are paid for.

I know those shirts is good...maybe we should add but difficult!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am a widow and therefore elligible to draw social security on my husband's benefits. His benefits were way more than mine so that is what I live on. I don't think you'd ever have to worry if something happened to Cliff because you'd be eligible too. On the flip side Cliff would not want yours as his is the larger of the two, but still the better income. One day at a time. That is my motto!

madcobug said...

I hate to think of having to live with just one social security check. My SIL is having to do that. It takes all we get to live. No saving anywhere. Helen

Margaret said...

I doubt that I'll ever get SS. I'm hoping to eventually after all my decades of work.


I've only worked one year outside the home in all my married life. Husband can't afford to retire, loves what he's doing, etc. He collects his s.s and a paycheck for us to get by. If he dies there is no insurance or anything, just his social security.