Monday, August 15, 2011

Adventure in the evening

Cliff and I went to the State Fair today.  That's a story in itself.  But after we got home and rested awhile, I figured I'd better go check on Bonnie and her baby, since this was their first day out in the big pasture together.  As soon as I stepped outside I knew something was amiss, because there was Bonnie, without her calf, bawling her head off at me.  I knew instantly that little Max had fallen into one of our many deep ravines.  
Bonnie led me to the edge of a canyon (who said cows are stupid?) and started bellowing insistently.  I heard her calf answer her from the pit.  
I went to the other side of the gully where it isn't so steep, so I could assess the situation.  Going down that steep slope I reminded myself that I have an artificial knee, and I hung onto brush and tree-roots for support.  Finally I spotted the calf and knew there was no choice but to go get Cliff.  

Yeah, I wasn't scaling THAT wall.  I thought maybe Cliff could fashion some sort of sling out of an old blanket, put it around the calf's belly, and drag him out with a tractor.  

Cliff followed me back to the ditch and pondered the mess.  

He then decided that a sling wasn't the best idea.  He said if we drove the calf back down the ditch a little way, we could probably help him climb up the slope where it wasn't straight up and down.

  Bonnie the Jersey cow cheered us on from above, peering over the cliff and bellowing so loud and often, we couldn't think.  

Cliff got the calf headed up that steep, slippery incline.  At one point he (Cliff) couldn't get his footing, so he grabbed Max's tail with both hands and poor little Max pulled him the rest of the way up the hill, right through some thorn-bushes.  

All's well that ends well.


Paula said...

Oh boy I can see this happening. We do have one place in the dry creek bed where this could happen but don't think it ever has. At least not yet.

Michaele said...

Now that's an adventure. Better than the state fair. You tell is so well. Hope that can't/won't happen again. Do you think he learned his lesson?

Margaret said...

Yay for rescuing the calf!! And what an adventure indeed. :)


What an ordeal for poor Max and his mother. Sounds like Bonnie was besides herself with worry. You and Cliff had your work cut out for you. Glad it ended well and everybody's home, safe and sound.

George Putnam said...

Donna, with your ability to write poetry, you should write one about Cliff scaling the cliff to rescue Max.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad all ended well. That was a bit scary. Thank goodness Cliff was able to rescue the poor thing.

darev2005 said...

Every time one of my dogs comes up to me squeedling and hooting about something dire and important I always ask "What is it, Lassie? Did Timmy fall down the well again?" And I always get that same look. "Don't just sit there! DO something about it!" It's funny when critters come to us for help.

small farm girl said...

I'm glad there was a happy ending.

patsy said...

ok, now i know why bonnie was upset.