Monday, August 15, 2011

Assorted things

I went out to take a picture of the lovely sunrise this morning, and figured out that if I laid on my belly in the wet, dewy grass, I could get Tude in the shot.

I turned Bonnie and Max out into the big world today, after getting two gallons of milk from Bonnie's back quarters.  Max hasn't gotten hungry enough yet to discover the two back teats, so I'm milking once a day to relieve the pressure on those quarters.  Hurry up, Max.  Grow.  Get hungrier.

And there they go!

Since both my nearest neighbors have abandoned their homes, I have inherited a cat family.  They've been fending for themselves for awhile, so perhaps they will catch some mice.  They surely do love warm milk, but the kittens are wild, and impossible to photograph so far.  Please do not leave comments telling me that cats aren't supposed to have milk.  I know this is the rule, but I also know that farm cats survived for centuries on a diet of nothing but milk and mice.  We had one old barn cat we called Mama Kitty who was given milk twice a day, every day, and lived to be over ten years old; she would have lived longer if a black lab from next door hadn't killed her.  

I went to another family reunion yesterday.  One relative (one of the several distant relatives whose identities remain a mystery to me) introduced a guest, a lady who is walking from Tuscon to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She left pretty shortly after dinner (a banquet fit for kings, a smorgasbord better than any money could buy), but before she left I managed to get the URL of her website and blog.  She didn't seem anxious to converse, staying pretty much plugged into a computer she had on a strap that hung from her neck (seriously!).  


Tipper said...

Laying down was worth it-the picture is GREAT : )

Paula said...

I would lay down in wet grass to get a picture like that but then like you said we think quite a bit alike.

Hyperblogal said...

Cats can have milk or cream as long as it doesn't give them diarrhea. My cat growing up could have it but my present cat, Mr. Daisy, cannot.... course I don't have any idea how you check feral cats for that problem.

darev2005 said...

I can just see you out there laying in the wet grass to get that shot.

And I really had no idea cats weren't supposed to have milk. I would have sworn they were. But then, I was raised watching Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Margaret said...

HA HA--Donna, you'll do anything for a great photo. ;) And the one you captured is wonderful. (worth it) My MIL had barn cats for years; our own cat is from a litter which explains her independent and feisty streak. They do indeed survive on very little.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved the photo and give you credit for getting down on the ground in order to get such a great shot. Those cats are so lucky to have all that fresh milk. Too bad folks abandon them like that but hopefully it will cut down on the mice population there. We have seen a couple of barn cats around our campers which probably come over from a nearby farm and since their arrival I've had no mice visitors in my camper. Hope your Monday is off to a great start!


The photo is priceless. GORGEOUS.