Monday, August 01, 2011

Wow, where to start

Nothing momentous has happened lately, but that never stopped me from blogging before, and it isn't going to stop me now.  The heat outside has been awful, and Cliff finally decided that he's retired and doesn't absolutely HAVE to be outside doing something when it's over a hundred degrees.  He doesn't like sitting in the house, but he will do so now when the weather is bothering him, surfing the tractor websites and watching Craigslist.  
One day last week we took in Truman Library; we've been there before, but this time we took the guided tour, which was well worth the time.  Not to mention, it was something we could do and still keep cool.  I took my cane-chair along in case I wanted to sit down, but hardly used it at all.  When I do a lot of walking like that, my knee still swells some.  If I do a lot of walking two days in a row, it swells even more.  I'm learning to not let this bother me, reminding myself that it won't happen as often as time goes by.   
Cliff wanted to go to an antique tractor show in Macon, Missouri.  He started planning it as a camping trip, but when we found out it was only a two-and-a-half hour drive away, we made it a day trip.  It's just too hot to camp.  As it turns out, the show wasn't all that large.  We had no trouble seeing it all in a couple of hours.  Right after our arrival, we ran into a couple of my cousins, Lela and June.  Seeing them so far away from any of our homes seemed so out of context to me that I didn't even recognize them until Cliff started talking to them!
The road that took us to Macon would have made a wonderful motorcycle ride, but again, it was too hot.  
 I haven't gotten around to digging all my potatoes, but I had a bucket full of them sitting in the kitchen, and I really had no place to store them.  So, I opted to cook a family dinner and invite whoever could come.  My daughter's family; my two oldest grandchildren and their mom, as well as Arick's girl friend; and a favorite nephew who noticed what I was planning on Facebook, along with his son.   
I have a story about something that happened yesterday that may lose some of it's luster in the telling, but if you had been here, you would have laughed with us:  I was in the kitchen, almost ready to pull the rolls out of the oven, when my son-in-law, Kevin, said in a booming voice that almost shook the house, "Oh my god, is that dog sh**ing in that chair?"  
Granddaughter Amber was in my raggedy old recliner playing with my Ipad; she had the footrest up with her feet on it, and her dog, Sophie (a Minipin) was between her feet.  Indeed, Sophie laid a log right between granddaughter's feet.  
It brought down the house.  
Poor Kevin was in a state of shock for at least ten minutes after seeing this sight; he said he had never seen a dog do something like that inside a house without being punished (Not his exact words, but that's what he meant).  Thank goodness, the food I had waiting in the kitchen seemed to revive him somewhat.  
After dinner we gathered in Cliff's shop and talked about old times, telling tales about what all the grandkids were like when they were younger and reliving a few past events we adults had lived through.  In a few more years, I'm sure we'll be retelling the tale of Sophie the Mini-pin pooping on Grandma's recliner.

I had been complaining on Facebook that our favorite Walmart seemed to be out of the freezer pops Cliff and I love.  On these hot summer days, we'll grab one out of the refrigerator in the shop several times a day.  Cliff and I purchased a couple of bags Saturday morning at a different Walmart, but I didn't mention the fact to anyone.  So my daughter blessed us with a bag of pops, and then my oldest granddaughter and her mom came with two bags.  That ought to do us for a few hot days!  (By the way, say hello to Clyde the steer; that's him, neatly wrapped beneath the popsicles and frozen corn.  We had a couple of chuck roasts with dinner yesterday; they were very tasty.)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sure am glad to hear that Cliff has taken to staying out of the heat. We've had some hot days here and although I don't like being inside, I do just that. Even though your days may not be earth shaking they do sound like they've been full of good times and lots of laughter too. You just can't get much better than that. Have a great Monday!

darev2005 said...

Huh-yup. My recliner has been pooped in more than once. It's funny now, but it wasn't so much at the time, if you know what I mean. I don't think I'd make it through the summer without a big box of freezer pops! And my wife has started treating the dogs to one each every day and they love them! Craziness!

Tipper said...

Popcicles are needed here too :) Love the part about saying hello to the now frozen cow-you made me laugh!

Margaret said...

That would be a strange sight!! The dinner sounds great, except for that. It's been high 70s here lately and will be this week. We can still get outside easily. We couldn't handle 100 very well.


At least Clyde is keeping cool. LOL (and tasting good) I haven't had a freezer pop since my children grew up. When I saw your pic of them, I thought, I'm going to have to buy some of those.

madcobug said...

Bet that meal was yummy.

Poor dog needed to go. When you gotta go you gotta go. Helen

Lindie said...

I spent the weekend down at the lake and there was a minipin there, but a very well trained one! No way would he poop in the house. But the pops for the dogs does sound like a good idea. I used to give mine lots of ice cubes in their water. I'm glad Cliff is staying in. This heat is hard on a repaired heart! Or it might be the humidity too.

Rachel said...

Epic family gathering! Kevin WAS horrified, and the laughter that ensued after was even better. We had an amazing time, even WITH the misplaced poop.

Hollie said...

Interesting day around your place. I know everyone enjoyed that meal! Glad you have popsicles!

Cliff said...

Ya know, the dog would have been in trouble around here. But on the other hand it couldn't have happened here, he would have been outside.
I'm glad to see Clyde has found a way to keep cool.

patsy said...

while at the libary, Truman libary that is did you see any pic of Truman and Helen Lucky? she was my mothers sister. and worked for truman for years.
my aunt was a loose woman and one time my sister were wondering if she and Harry got it on. we decided if she didn't it wasn't because she didn't try.

krissy knox said...

hi, i found you through penny's blog. she said she was your friend -- that is how i found you, actually. your blog is cool! anyway, that is neat that your relatives bought you those pops. i think it is great that you have relatives that care about you! i can't eat those pops too often bc i have diabetes... anyway, i am imagining you are a former jlander (aol journals) -- i think penny perez told me that -- so if you would like you can sign our jland blog directory that i am creating so we can keep in contact w all our jland friends, and eventualy i am hoping to do even more w jland, like perhaps making another blog in which all jlanders can come to. please click on the link below called "From Jland To Blogger" and add your blog under the proper letter! Thanks. :) BTW, I am a Christian, I am one too, I am just saying I bet you are bc penny said she considers you a good friend! :) but even if you are not, that's ok, but i am sure you may want to talk to us about it, just let me know. ok, here is the link for my blog (Sometimes I Think), and for the blog directory (From Jland To Blogger) -- just click on the links and it will take you to the appropriate blogs! I'd love for you to visit my blog also. I'll try to be back to yours! :)

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Sister--Three said...

Sold! I am buying some of those freezer pops for Pop and I to keep in our freezer in our own tractor shop!