Sunday, June 07, 2009

I guess I'll stay with Blogger

No big surprise there, eh? I do miss my "followers" widget; one suggestion about that was to move it to the bottom of my sidebar, so I may put it back and see if my relatives can still get to this blog with it in a different location.

I've spent the last hour at Wordpress trying to figure out how to remove "categories" from the sidebar, with no luck. This old dog doesn't like learning new tricks, so I'll probably delete that blog.

That's granddaughter Lyndsay, with my son's work van. They were already loaded up and ready to come visit us yesterday evening. The daughter-in-law couldn't get off work to join them. I don't envy my son the twelve-hour drive from Columbus.


Midlife Mom said...

Thanks for the update on Blue. So happy that it isn't any worse then it is and that it can be controled. Yes, Buddy had a really severe case and I had to take him off grass, no treats, and low carb grain which was the pits to even look at. Gag!

Glad Blue is okay!!!

Hollie said...

Praying for safe travels...