Friday, June 05, 2009

Wild Bird Store

Yesterday Cliff and I made what turned out to be, for him, an ill-fated trip to the city. He had received a Harbor Freight circular in the mail with some hot coupons for boring man-stuff. You know, ratchets and paint shakers and such.

When we pulled into the parking lot, I scanned the surrounding stores desperately for some refuge, anything that would keep me out of Harbor Freight. I chose The Wild Bird Store, figuring that should keep me entertained. I'd never heard of it before.

There were all sorts of bird houses and feeders and birdbaths. I was engrossed in all these wonderful items when I sensed movement at my feet.

Looking down, I saw a quite pompous cat; my shoes were actually touching him. It's a wonder I hadn't stepped on him! He wasn't about to give an inch, though. He refused to acknowledge my presence.

A lady entered the store and asked the proprietor if he had any Oriole feeders; he responded that he'd sold the last one, but that there should be more coming in later.

"I really sell a lot of those," he told her.

You might recall me seeing an oriole at a hummingbird feeder some time back and getting all excited about it. I didn't even know what it was at the time.

So I struck up a conversation with the lady: "Do you have a lot of orioles?"

"Oh yes, we have a pair that always stays around."

She went on to tell of the other birds she sees in her yard, near Blue Springs. I mentioned that I have lots of goldfinches.

"Oh, we love those," she said. "The only trouble with them is that they leave in April to go north to nest, and don't return until almost winter,"

"Really? I counted eight of them outside my window just yesterday."

Even as I type this, I see two at the feeder and four on the fence.

So I'm wondering why that lady's finches leave and mine don't. What do I have that she doesn't?

She also gave me a lot of information about Orioles. So now, of course, I'm in the market for an Oriole feeder. They like oranges and grape jelly.

I never thought I'd be grocery-shopping for birds.

We saw these huge tires on the way home from the city. I was impressed. But then, I'm easily impressed.

Speaking of tires, Cliff's project today has been to get the wheels of his newly-acquired tractor ready to paint the proper color. They were John Deere yellow; we can't have that on an Oliver tractor. They'll soon be what's known as "clover white".


Muhd Imran said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day to spend outside.

The bird store has interesting items and a friendly owner too. Every time you talk about or show pictures of birds at your feeder, the more I think of getting one at my home too.

I wonder if the neighbors will be unhappy with me if it the birds will poop all over the corridor or something... then again, I can just try for a while first and see what kinds of birds it will attract.

I love birds and I think we should admire them wild and free in their natural state instead of being caged.

Love to see the outdoor life there. Thank you for sharing the photos.

Hollie said...

Very interesting entry. As you know I love bird talk.

Can't wait to see Ollie..

Anonymous said...

Recently a bunch of bloggers had trouble commenting on my blog, but I have never had an issue with yours. I use Chrome though.
Not all cats are pompous? I will speak with Briege. ~Mary

Celeste said...

I love the birds. LOL I like going to harbor freight! LOL

RNSheets said...

Yep, we have two Golden finches here still.

They love the Finch Bags :)