Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Garden goodies

I didn't plant a lot of peas; they're in the "just playing" part of my garden. I didn't even give them anything to climb on. I must remember next year to plant Little Marvel peas, my mom's old favorite, if I don't intend to stake them.

Last week I got less than one cup of peas, but I figured if I dug some new potatoes, at least there would be a serving of peas and new potatoes for Cliff. Indeed, I managed that. I didn't even taste them. Of course, I had my turnips, so it all evened out. I had to dig up four potato vines in order to get enough tiny, mostly pea-sized, potatoes. What a waste of vines. But the sacrifice was worth it for my husband to have a gourmet treat.

Today I picked enough peas to make two servings... with potatoes added, of course. It's amazing how much those potatoes have grown in one week! I placed a large egg in the picture so you could see the size of the potatoes.

I harvested some lettuce, too. I wish I could invite my cyber-neighbors to come and pick some leaf lettuce today, because now that it's hot, it is starting to bolt to seed. Once that happens, the party's over. Next fall I intend to plant some leaf lettuce in October so it will get a head start. With winter it will go dormant; then it will have a head start next spring. That should give me a longer lettuce season.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ages ago I had gardens every summer and loved fresh peas. They taste so much better than the canned or frozen ones.

Carlene Noggle said...

Donna, do you know that I have NEVER had a fresh english pea or sweet pea what ever yall call them??? I have only had canned or frozen! They look so good! I love the frozen "Steam Fresh" ones with the mushrooms in them.
The pink-eye peas are a type of purple hull pea...but tonight I got confused and got a bag of crowder peas out of the freezer...but I am sitting here eating them now with my cornbread and chow-chow and they are good too.
love ya,