Thursday, June 11, 2009

My great-granddaughter

This is Natalie, my granddaughter, holding my great-granddaughter Kameron. The sock-monkey belongs to Lyndsay, my Georgia grandchild. Click to watch the video and see Kami talking to the monkey.

We're still getting rain every day, which puts a damper on some of the plans we had for Jim's visit.

After they took the muffler off the Oliver, Cliff and Jim kept running it up and down the road fast because when the turbo kicks in, there's a whistling sound they both enjoy hearing. Cliff may never put a muffler on that tractor again.

They've now fixed every little leak and each slight problem the old (1974) tractor had. Cliff's "winter project" has been taken care of in three days, with the enthusiastic help of our son. I think the only thing left for Cliff to do is paint it!

Yesterday Lyndsay helped me muck out the horse stall; she opened the gate for me each time I took the full wheelbarrow to the compost pile and back again. She also had a horseback ride on Blue in the round pen.

This morning, all is quiet, since Lyndsay spent the night at my daughter's house with her cousins; not that she's a noisy child. She's very quiet and well-mannered. Yesterday afternoon, I couldn't find her anywhere; but I know her well enough to be confident she wouldn't go anyplace she shouldn't. After much calling and searching, I found her in her dad's bed, sound asleep.

Cliff and Jim have already headed to the shop; who knows what they'll find to do today. I have turkey in the oven, and it smells great!

Be sure to vote in my poll on the right. I personally voted "no"; I'll be interested in seeing what the majority of you think.


Faye said...

What a beautiful and happy baby!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

She is a beautiful baby and your granddaughter is a little beauty too. I can smell the turkey cooking, too bad you are so far away or else I'd stop by after work today. Have fun and enjoy it all while you can. Sorry it had to rain but there is little we can do about the weather.
'On Ya'-ma

Kelly said...

What a sweet baby :) She is precious. We have had some pop up thunderstorms but they are welcome as it has been reaching into the nineties daily with high humidity. I voted sometimes, because, I think that it depends on the child. Some children may tolerage sugar better than others. Then, there may be the case where some kids are forbidden sugar, so when they DO get a hold of some it makes them hyper. I think sugar is like anything, you build up a tolerance to it, like caffeine for instance.

Hyperblogal said...

Rained a little here today. I'm thinking it's just about time to start on the Ark. Need wood.

Midlife Mom said...

Your great grandaughter is just beautiful!!!

American Prepper said...

she's precious, Thanks for showing the video. She's so cute!

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