Saturday, June 30, 2007

picking green beans in the rain

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Ideally, one should stay out of the garden when it's rainy and muddy; the soil is compacted by your feet, and the plants don't take well to being handled when it's wet. You can see the tiny ponds made by my bare feet.

Also, it's hard to get the beans cleaned off well: some are muddy from lying on the ground, and dead leaves and blossoms cling to each bean. However, when you're wanting a pot of green beans for the company that's coming, there isn't a lot of choice. So this morning I put on a rain slicker, took off my shoes, and headed out to pick green beans. Some of them were a couple of days past their prime, but they'll cook up all right.

So after rinsing them off about half a dozen times, I broke them into a big pan and added an onion from the garden and some Oscar Mayer Turkey Polska Kielbasa (2/3 less fat). This flavors the beans up quite nicely; I don't add any salt at all, but I use lots of pepper!

Would you like to see how the rest of the garden is thriving on this rainy day?

That's Iohief corn, my mom's favorite variety of sweet corn, developed in 1951. I prefer peaches-and-cream corn, but it's $8 a pound for seed. So I'll just say Mother knows best, and pay 1/4 that price. You can see the cucumbers are doing nicely, too.

I like to eat them, skin and all, with no salt.

How long do you think it will be until these roasting ears are ready?


Amy said...

I am so jealous, Donna! 1). that you're having a big mess of green beans...and 2). that your garden is so awesome. My garden last year couldn't even be called 'dismal'.

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! Your garden looks GREAT! The deer ate all of my peppers last night so there goes that! Hopefully they won't like the other stuff and eat that.

Chiquita Banana said...

The beans and sausage look yummy. I sometimes use a bag of whole frozen green beans and the sausage.

Where's the pic of the maters?

Chiquita Banana said...

OK Mosie - you've done it again. Just seeing the picture of the beans and sausage gave me cravings.

On my weekly trip to the grocery I got a turkey kielbasa and two bags of greenie beanies. Wanna guess what's fer supper.


A picture truly is worth a thousand words.


Celeste said...

THe garden looks great!!!

Slick Chick said...

Your garden is beautiful. The reason I was hunting about rust on beans, we are finally getting some rain here in PA & my son called me to clean off his beans. Being wet, will they rust?