Wednesday, January 19, 2022

My grandfather's coins

At some point before my mother's death, she gave me what she called a billfold, but it seems to me more like a coin purse, that her father carried with him until he died.  Then his wife, my Grandma Stevens, carried it in her purse until she died.  Mother carried on that tradition and kept it in her purse, but gave it to me quite a while before she died.  Now I carry it in my purse, although the billfold/coin purse isn't capable of holding anything now.

Mother taped it together, but tape doesn't last very long.


Next, the note Mother wrote for me on the back of a deposit slip.

A silver dollar, 1921.  We checked; it isn't worth a lot.

A 1902 quarter

These are the three coins that belonged to my grandfather.  The smallest one is a penny, and I can't tell what the date is.

Above is a silver dollar my mother added to the collection.  Actually, she had three of them, identical, and gave them to me.  Last summer when our son was visiting, I got all these coins out to show off.  I gave one silver dollar to him and one to Rachel, our daughter.  Months after that, I happened to recall that Mother got three of them for that very purpose, although at the time my kids were seven and nine years old.  I remember thinking, "What would my little kids want with a silver dollar?"

And that's your story for today.  It's just one more way I honor my ancestors.  These coins are always with me... until I die.  My kids aren't collectors of old things, so I imagine this will be the end of the story.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday Stealing


A nice lady named Bev collects these lists from across the Web, one every Sunday.   Just go to her Sunday Stealing blog to play along, or just to read how others have answered these little exercises.

1. Do you buy things when you want them or wait for sales?  When I can, I wait for sales.

 2. Do you think time moves slowly or quickly?  Quickly, at this stage of my life.  But when I was a child, time moved oh, so slowly.

 3. How often do you spend time alone?  I get enough alone time to satisfy me; I really need my alone time, and my husband tries to make it happen most days.  Of course, I get up at 4 in the morning most days, so that gives me three hours alone.  

 4. What’s something that has changed in the last month?  The coronavirus, which seems to change almost every month.

 5. What’s the best part of your job, profession?  I'm retired.  The best part of that is that I don't have to get out of the house, put on street clothes, and go to work.

 6. How many pens do you have?  I am so bad at losing pens around the house that I bought a box of 100 of them last year.  I still have most of those, although the ones I've used are scattered near my chair, on top of the microwave, in various pockets of my purse, and sometimes under my chair... you get the idea, I'm sure:  I'm a clutter-bug.

 7. What are your healthiest habits?  I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.  I try to walk, or at least ride the recumbent bike, every day.

 8.. Do you have a favorite postage stamp?  Not really, although the last stamps I bought have western wear pictures, and I rather like those. 

9. Who did you talk to the most this week?  My husband, of course!  Who else would I talk to?  Oh yeah, the dog and the cat.

 10. What’s on your bedside table?  A lamp, my night-time pills, and a bottle of water.  Also a small Echo Show named Ziggy who plays music at my request.

 11. How often do you try something new?  I have no idea.  With my memory these days, everything seems new to me.  

 12. What are some of your grocery list staples?  Milk, eggs, grape-nuts cereal for me and whatever kind of cereal Cliff chooses.  I always get some kind of fruit... grapes, apples, mangoes, avocados, whatever is affordable at the time.  I always keep carrots, celery, onions, and cabbage on hand, too. 

 13. Do you have a favorite poet?  Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  

 14. What interesting fact do you know?  In this computer age, I know too many interesting facts to name.  Also too many to recall.  

 15. Do you fold laundry right away or do it later?  I take clothes from the dryer to the nearest bed.  I might fold them immediately or I may come back later, but they will get folded by night, since the bed needs to be empty of laundry by bedtime.