Monday, November 26, 2018

Moving right along...

Yesterday I got the snow-shovel out and cleared the porches and sidewalks around the house.  I would guess we received about four inches of snow, but it's hard to tell with the drifts all around.  The snow was very heavy and wet when it first started falling; due to the weight of it, the wind didn't fill up the sidewalks overnight again, in spite of high winds.  I hate to admit it, but I have been wanting a good snow.  We don't have anywhere to go, so we're as snug as a bug in a rug; I do worry about family and friends who have no choice but to get out in it and drive to work.  Granddaughter Heather had to work at her nursing job yesterday, and we were worried sick about her making it home.  She said she never went over thirty miles per hour coming home, and still slid around at times, but she made it.  This morning she had to be at a hospital bright and early for some minor surgery, and she and Arick made it there, also.  Of course, the doctor was late.    

I've been out a few times already:  I've taken Gabe out on the leash three times, fed the calves and cats, and gone to the shop to retrieve a pie I made for Thanksgiving.  It was sort of an experiment, a lemon-cream cheese pie made from a recipe I had seen someone share on Facebook.  I decided it wasn't good enough to put out with all the really good desserts we had for the big day, although I can't put my finger on anything that was wrong with it.  I think perhaps I'm so used to my sister's lemon pie, made with real lemons (and no cream cheese) that it wasn't as good in comparison.  Cliff and I both had a taste of it awhile ago, one bite dipped in Cool Whip, and decided maybe it wasn't so bad after all; we'll be having a piece for dessert.  Dinner will be some leftover split pea soup I made the day before Thanksgiving.  

Cliff complained that he hardly had any turkey on Thanksgiving day, so I bought a turkey breast to make him feel better.  We'll be having that soon, and I'd like to make a turkey pot pie with some of that turkey, too.  

Here are some pictures I took on my walkabout this morning:
This is at the back of the house.  I've been taking Gabe over there by the propane tank to do his business, although he sometimes insists on going around the corner of the garage.  You can see how the snow drifted near the sidewalk here.  

After the two calves had their grain, they moved on to the hay.  They've not been eating much hay lately, since there's still lots of grass for them to graze.  Today, they have no choice but to eat hay.

These trees are on our property line to the west.  Across the fence are many horses.  

You can see several more horses in the distance.  

Yeah, I know I should have cut down the poor dried-up plants of summer.  I don't do a lot of things I should.
See where I walked to the shop to get the pie?  Looks like a drunk was out there, because that's about as indirect a path as one could imagine!

Isn't it pretty?

Have a great day.


Margaret said...

That is quite a bit of snow! Living where I do, I've never owned a snow shovel. If we get some(even several inches) it generally melts quickly. I'm not a fan of lemon pie of any type, but I would love the soup!

Sister--Three said...

Wow, I'll quit complaining about the wind. Not even winter yet.
I just go one day at at time. Hope for a better tomorrow.

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

I used to take the Molly walking regardless of weather (except if it was bucketing down rain) so we had our share of walking in the snow, but I find now that I don't have her to motivate me I tend not to. At rate, here in south central Missouri it did not snow but got below freezing and was very windy today. We bundled up.

Margie's Musings said...

We haven't had but one slight sprinkling of snow here in southeast Kansas. It was gone the next morning. But we will catch up eventually. Yours is lovely.


you got more snow than i did. pretty to look at, but not to drive in.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Snow is pretty to look at and you got some very nice pictures. Glad to see the sun must have come out too! Here we got a little over an inch which covered all the leaves on the ground and made it look like more.