Monday, March 15, 2010

I want to garden

This is as far as my garden has gotten so far; there's a mixture of plants on the left that includes broccoli and cabbage.  On the right are my tomatoes.  Above those trays you get a glimpse of the seed potatoes I've cut up so the pieces can "heal over" before I plant them.  There are Yukon Gold and Kennebec potatoes.  I'd love to be able to plant some of them on St. Patrick's Day.
Cliff hasn't been able to plow my garden due to frequent rains.  We have sandy soil that drains quickly, and if only we could get three days straight with no rain, plowing would be possible.  
Meanwhile, I move those two trays of seedlings to the east bedroom before I go to bed, where they'll get plenty of morning sun.  Once Cliff is awake each day, I move them next to the two windows in my bedroom, which face south.  So far, that's the extent of my gardening this year.  


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    one day soon you will just carry all of it outside LOLOL...just think of it as getting yourself in shape for what is yet to come!!!!??? God Bless...Ora

  2. Lindie7:14 PM

    Lucky you, having sandy soil. So good for root vegetables!

  3. I miss having a garden. Maybe someday I will have land and time. I'll just enjoy yours for now!


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