Sunday, January 14, 2007

the perfect beverage for such a day as this

Cliff and I have become totally addicted to Folgers Flavors. It's a shame, because I had been really trying to limit caffeine for Cliff. We were doing so well, only having caffeinated coffee in the morning.

Then we tasted one of these flavors. And then another. My daughter said she and her husband enjoy these coffees too, and suggested the flavored Folgers need to be a little stronger than regular coffee. After trying her theory, I have to agree.

Cliff has always liked his coffee black, and neither of us likes our brew sweetened... until now. We add a teaspoonful of Coffeemate and a little SweetNLow to this stuff. Delicious. It serves as dessert all by itself.

This sort of day is rough on diets. It's so slick outside I can barely stand up when I take the dog out, and although there are many things I could do to busy myself here in the house, I'm spending my time sitting at the computer. Which is how I came to be reminded of Taco soup over at Sonya's journal. That was just what I longed for, on a day like this.

And as luck would have it, I had all the ingredients.

Good stuff!


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