Thursday, November 18, 2010


I'm not worried about the fact that Cliff is going for a nuclear stress test today.  He's not had any issues with his heart; he sees our doctor or nurse-practitioners regularly.  We walk almost every day.  We're working on getting the extra poundage off him, although that's going to be difficult with Thanksgiving ahead.  
We'll be at the cardiologist's office for four hours.  Cliff's sister and his brother both have breathing issues, so they don't actually have to get on the treadmill; they get the medication that stresses the heart, instead.  Cliff will do the treadmill.  
He hasn't had issues with his heart, so I'm not concerned, unless I let myself dwell his previous such test.  
Just like this time, Cliff went off caffeine at 8 A.M. the day prior to the test, and he had his last food and water the evening before.  We planned to go to Olive Garden when we got out of the doctor's office because we knew he'd be starved, and we'd stop by a McDonald's first so he could have some coffee.
The testing that was supposed to take four hours was cut short when Cliff's heart short-circuited while he was on the treadmill.   
He ended up in the hospital that very day, and in surgery two days later.   
I get flashbacks.  
We only went because he'd been having indigestion every time we took our walk and the nurse-practitioner thought he should be tested, just to make sure it really was indigestion.  
This time, he's had no symptoms of heart problems.  He's only doing this because the doctor said it's been almost five years since the bypass surgery and it's time to make sure everything is going well.   
I think today I'll make sandwiches to take along, and a thermos of coffee, rather than make plans to eat out. 
Maybe that's what jinxed us last time.   


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll be praying that this test goes just fine and that the results are good ones. It pays to be checked out and i'm sure you'll rest easier when it's done.

Hollie said...

Hugs Donna! I'm praying all goes well today!

Angela said...

My husband had a heart attack back in '99 when he was only twenty-eight. He woke me up complaining of chest pains and I more or less told him to get over it and go back to sleep (we had three kids five and under and I was wore out all the time... my only excuse... besides, we never saw that coming). Anyway, he's been fine ever since, but now I'm the one that gets jumpy every time he so much as rubs his chest. Don't want to be the inconsiderate wife again. :)

Kathy said...

Keeping Cliff in good thoughts and prayer. You too, of course. Praying that the non-worry, worry is just that, nothing to worry or think about. Good luck!

nerves05 ( Nancy ) said...

I'm saying a little prayer for him. I'm sure everything will be just fine.
It's hard to believe it's been 5 years. It sure doesn't seem like it. Time just flies.

small farm girl said...

I hope his test goes well today. Keep us posted!

Margaret said...

I hope it goes well with NO excitement!

Hyperblogal said...

I wish you an uneventful day.

Vicki said...

A great big hug for you and Cliff. Vicki