Sunday, June 08, 2008

I found a wonderful cooking blog!

If you're always on the search for new recipes, or variations of old favorites, you'll enjoy Val's Cooking Blog. I've been reading her other blog for some time, but only just took the time to check this one out. Hers are simple, down-to-earth recipes that anyone can use. Mostly what I'd call good old country cookin'.

Son-in-law Kevin, master of the barbecue grill

Yesterday we had a family barbecue in honor of my husband's youngest sister's birthday (she turned 50 this week) and I was desperately looking for the Pineapple Upside-down cake recipe that used crushed pineapple rather than pineapple rings. Had I searched on Val's cooking blog, I'd have found it. Alas, I opted for carrot cake instead. Oh well, there'll be cake needed at other events.

After eating, Cliff and the grandkids, as well as some neighbor boys, enjoyed his sister's four-wheeler.

Cliff's older sister (Rena), the one moving into our old house, spent the whole day (with immense help from younger sister Charlene) unpacking boxes that have been stored in Cliff's shop all week. Cliff will soon have his shop back!

I have to tell you, for a group of siblings who come from as dysfunctional family as you'll ever see, these people pull together and help one another like nobody I know.

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