Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things you'll see at a tractor show

Cliff and I finally managed a motorcycle ride yesterday; quite a feat, the way things have gone around here lately. We've always enjoyed antique tractor shows, and the one at Lathrop is just the right distance from home to make a nice ride. Cliff hitched up the trailer to the motorcycle, and we were able to do a little Walmart shopping in Richmond on the way home. Finally I've started getting curtains and valances. I also bought several of those handy-dandy little hanger thingies that stick on the wall. This means I can start hanging my decorative plates and pictures where I want them, instead of on the nails placed unevenly and too high by the last resident of this house.

This is a home-made can-crusher. It's a grand idea, but it works better in theory than in reality. I tried to take a video of it in action, but things just weren't going right for that gentleman. Still, if you'd like to see his efforts, click HERE.

There are always lots of old vehicles painted up to look like new at tractor shows.

Speaking of crushers, this is a rock-crusher powered by the tractor in back.

We generally eat dinner at the tractor show; it helps support the clubs putting on the shindig. I'm afraid we didn't stay with our healthy eating; we were sidelined by all the pie.

You can buy all sorts of magnetic signs at tractor shows. Reading these, you'll notice there's quite a feud between red-tractor owners and green-tractor owners. (Click on the picture to make it larger.)


China Pattern said...

Hey Donna! I knew I was right to put you on my blog list! I love Robert Frost and that is one of my favorite quotes. I live in a yellow wood, if you will. My husband restores old cars and even restored our old tractor. I loved hearing about Libby. My husband grew up with a favorite dog named Libby. He had a horse as a kid. I am the neighborhood crazy cat lady. Your blog is worth reading for the intersting pictures of your husband alone! LOL. I think my husband should be careful because you have given me some ideas for photographs. LOL.

Muhd Imran said...

It really is an interesting day out. Riding the bike again... that should be a wonderful ride.

Eating the pie? I will pig out if I was there!

Such a fun event... I don't know about the feud between Red and Green, but the white sign that says "The only difference between Men and Boys is the cost of their Toys." Couldn't agree more.

Midlife Mom said...

What fun going to the tractor show! Glad you had such a good time and were able to go on the bike. I like all those signs, I can see there is quite a feud going on there!!

Toni said...

How fun to attend the tractor show. As you know, I *love* watching farmers work their land. Literally, I could pack lunch and sit there all day watching. And as for a combine? Don't even get me started. I soooo want to drive one.
p.s. the pies looked sooo delish.

Mike S said...

We've got the annual tractor show here this weekend. Not as many up here as where you are, and this is the largest in New England. We've gotten several through the shop in recent years for paint and decal work. Our detail painter is great at recreating decals from photos.