Friday, June 06, 2008

Sadie's new friend

I suppose you'd call them cousins, Sadie and Angel. Sadie's my dog, Angel belongs to Cliff's sister.

Because of a pending divorce, Rena has moved lock, stock and barrel from Wisconsin to Missouri, so she'll be around her family. It's been a tremendous physical and emotional upheaval for her, and having Angel with her has been her salvation.

When Rena comes to visit, Angel also comes. The first thing she wants is a hug from me; then she begins playing with Sadie. I videoed them this morning.

Two dogs playing


Celeste said...

They are cute.

Toni said...

How adorable, Donna. I love how the little one seems to accept the dominance of the larger dog until she's pushed a bit too far. She stands her ground then. They're so cute to watch.