Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank you, Craigslist

I originally asked $50 for the record player and the records.

The lady who wanted the record player had offered $35 and I agreed to that, but she didn't have correct change and I didn't have proper bills to give her any money back, so she gave me $40.

So I re-posted my ad, this time for all the records. I asked $25. I received a call from a man who wanted them, sight unseen. Cliff's sister brought out some old records she had and said, "See if he wants those too."

When he arrived, I told him to look at hers and see what he thought.

"Tell you what," he said, "how about I give you $30 for all of them?"

I figured Rena would rather have $5 than nothing, so I agreed.

But he didn't bring the right change; he needed a ten dollar bill back, and all I had was a five and a one. So, Rena got $9 for her stash.

I think he plans to sell the records on Ebay. I don't care how much profit he makes; after all, I came this close to hauling them to the trash last week.


Midlife Mom said...

Isn't it great to get money for stuff you were going to put out in the trash? Guess that proves that one mans trash is another mans treasure!

I liked your ABC's of ME. Guess I'll have to do that one.

Rachel said...