Tuesday, June 03, 2008

movin', movin', movin'

My sister-in-law is moving into our old house while she recuperates from the whole divorce process... which isn't over yet, by the way. She has lots of heavy stuff out in our shop just waiting to be moved to the house, so every time somebody with substantial strength comes by, Cliff puts them to work. Here you see our son-in-law pitching in to move Rena's hide-a-bed sofa. Very, very heavy, and awkward to get through doors.

Here they come!

Cliff's in the lead, they're almost to the door.

It'll only go through the door if you turn it just so.

Cliff's almost 63, but lately I'd call him Superman.

Of course, even Superman has to rest sometimes.

The sofa was a piece of cake to move, compared to the tanning bed they had to take up a flight of stairs in order to find a spot for it.

Greetings to a new reader, Tana, who discovered this blog and, upon seeing the picture on the last post, realized she is a neighbor to Cliff's brother, Don, and left a comment.

I guess that means I'll have to watch what I say about my sister-in-law when I'm blogging. (Of course I jest. :-x )

Tana, next time you see Don, tell him he might be done moving Rena, but Cliff is still at it.


Midlife Mom said...

Nothing is worse then moving furniture! A tanning bed!? Oh my, I can't imagine how heavy that thing must be!! Go Cliff! :o)

BarnGoddess said...

poor CLiff! if I live close by I'd give him a hand even though i HATE moving furniture...

Joyful Days said...

I'm watching all this moving, moving, Donna and you are wearing me out!! Glad Superman took a break there!

The internet is a small world.

Rachel said...

I'm no fan of moving furniture either and that sofa looks heavy!! So nice of everyone to help her out during this time!

I was looking back at your cheese/jalapeno sandwich...wondering if it'd be too hot for me!!

Calfkeeper said...

Tanning bed?! Yipes, I thought a sofa and table and chairs would be bad enough.

A cute post though, I could feel the sweat starting to bead on my brow as I read.


Anonymous said...

I've been out of town and I am just getting caught up on my blog reading. As far as I'm concerned, your SIL lives with Don so she is a pretty tough cookie and can probably hold her own! LOL!!

BTW, I'm the one that bought the blue Ford truck that Don got from up your way. He put a new engine in it---actually two engines before it was right. We love it for hauling the horses. Are you guys the ones that found it?

Donna said...

Yep, anon. Our next-door neighbor owned it.