Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm here, really

That's Cliff, his brother Don (who drove the U-Haul) and his brother Phil. Phil's the oldest, Don's the youngest. They hadn't been to bed for over 48 hours when this was taken.

We've had a hectic two or three weeks around here, and it isn't over yet. We've exterminated ants, had a water softener put in, had the air conditioner worked on, and moved and moved and moved.

Cliff has spent the previous three days with his two brothers, moving his sister here from Wisconsin, which you can read about HERE. I blogged about it on AOL because I had so many pictures, and they have that album format that Blogger and Flickr don't seem to offer.

Cliff needed to mow hay last week, but between the rain in the forecast and the big run to Wisconsin, it didn't get done. He hates putting up hay that is past its prime, but it can't be helped.

There's still an endless list of things to be done around here, and much furniture to be moved from the shop into our old house for his sister. We're trying to figure out how to get a tanning bed upstairs, over there. Those things are heavy!


loopymamain06 said...

awww....that was so sweet of the guys, they all get an "attaboy"

Midlife Mom said...

48 hours with no sleep! I would be useless! I do need my 8-9 hours every night.
I will have to check out Pandora, I'd never heard of it but I'm not up on the latest things. I'm just learning about all the stuff on YouTube. I guess you can put anything on there that you want, no questions asked. Yikes!
I think that grilled cheese sandwich would be HOT! I've never had those peppers are they hot? I read PW too and have made some of her recipes. I like her potroast. Haven't made one in a while, guess I'll have to pick up a roast!

Anonymous said...

Hey! It is a small world! Don is my neighbor and does all of our mechanic work! He likes to pretend that he is tough but we know better....
I saw him this morning and he still looks pretty rugged from this trip.
Tana Mc