Friday, August 10, 2018

2018 State Fair (following a child)

One thing that never sunk into my brain when my own kids were small:  If you're taking them somewhere you think will be interesting and fun for a kid, you can't expect them to enjoy everything exactly the way you had pictured.  While babysitting the Little Princess for almost five years, that lesson has sunk in.  When we take her someplace like the zoo or a carnival, I let go of my expectations and allow her to seek out what interests her, because she is an out-of-the-box thinker.

We loaded up to go to Sedalia yesterday around 8:30.  We hadn't gotten twenty minutes away from home when the child announced, "Donna, I forgot my shoes!"

Cliff had something to say about this, but I assured him we'd be able to go into Walmart in Sedalia and find her some plastic sandals just like she had left at home.  I also took time to let her know it was my fault, not hers, that she forgot her shoes.  Relieved, she gave an eye-roll that seemed to say, "Oh yeah, I knew it had to be you!"  

Another thing I've learned since my own kids' childhood:  Always admit when something is your fault, or when you've made a mistake.  

Still, she worried about how we'd know her size, and wanted me to call one of her parents and ask them what it was.  I explained we'd just try some on her and see what fit.  As it turned down, all the summer sandals were marked down to $3; there was only one pair of pink sandals that fit her (close call), very similar to the ones she and I left at home.  Crisis averted.  

Opening Day at the Sedalia fair, low prices on fair foods are featured.  Corn dogs for $2, dippin' dots for $2 instead of $2.50.  We weren't hungry when we first arrived, so we simply walked until our girl saw anything of interest, then we'd stop and let her examine whatever it was.

First of all we walked into an air-conditioned building; it was already hot outside, so it felt great.  Someone was selling jewelry; she felt the need to touch every single shiny object in front of her.   

Not far from that was an item I personally checked out.  In fact, I still want it!
You can buy the stool, put it on any standard bucket, and take stuff with you in the bucket.  I can't think of a single reason I need it, but I want it, OK?  Even though I don't know what I'd do with it; I figured when we were ready to leave I'd go back and buy one, but I never gave it another thought.  Now, the seat was  $20 (or two for $30), so it wasn't cheap.  But this morning I went to the website thinking maybe I'd buy one online, and the price is even higher!  Oh well, it's probably for the best.

Next we spied a nice little playground where she enjoyed playing last year.

This one required a little help from Cliff.

We got to sit for awhile, so this stop was a bonus for us.  Between Cliff's hip and my knee, we're a mess.  Next, the conservation building.

That's a big one!

And then, out back... an eagle!  

Next, we found ourselves at the sheep barn.  
This is how they lead, manage, and pose the sheep.  I was amazed... it looks pretty difficult.  I wonder why they don't use halters.  Sheep aren't very bright, so maybe they can't be taught to lead.  Of course, hogs aren't restrained by ropes or halters, either.  But they're really smart, and learn to be guided with a stick.  

She acted the same way as with the jewelry:  If a sheep could be reached, she intended to touch it.  

We took a break to eat corn dogs and some not-good pizza, so our girl wanted to take a picture.  Sorry Cliff, but you made the face and it's funny.  

None of us had ever tasted dippin' dots, but we have now!  I like them.  

Feeding goats is fun.

As soon as she milked the cow, we headed for the car.

It was a good day.


Gabrielle Howard Gengler said...

A very nice day at the fair! I want to go see the mules and donkeys in competition. I need to see when it is.

Unknown said...

I love hearing your adventures with Cora. Jayden likes to see Cora too. I want to take Jayden to the zoo as so as I can afford it

ErinFromIowa said...

One of your quiet readers checking in! I loved everything about this post. Tell Cora the photo she took of you and Cliff is real, a keeper.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know from having several grandchildren that the world is a different place through the eyes of a child. You are so blessed to have this little one around to do things with. Looks like a wonderful day at the fair for all of you !

Margie's Musings said...

Looks like all three of you had a great time! Great!

Sister--Three said...

FYI I bought the butter bread and hope it is as good as Donna said!

Margaret said...

I haven't had dipping dots for a long time, but they were refreshing on a hot day. Not high quality ice cream, but nice and cold. :) Children do see things in interesting and unique ways. We took our girls to many impressive zoos; when Alison was little, she adored birds best of all. Here would be all these exotic animals, and she would shout out, "LOOK, it's a crow!" A crow??