Friday, May 01, 2015

Most disturbing

Something has fallen on our entire property, evidently out of the sky.  
See the little white spots on the spinach?  When I harvested spinach Monday, there weren't any spots.  
Same thing with the beets; see the white spots?  I could take pictures all day, but let me just tell you that every plant on our property has these spots all over, and in some cases, whatever put the spots there ate tiny holes through the plants.  The spots are on the tree leaves and bushes, on every vegetable in the garden.  Everywhere.  Cliff said it looks like over-spray, perhaps from somebody spraying for weeds and the wind caused it to drift.  If that's what happened, it sure did a number on us, and it's on every side of the house.  

That's all.  I'm just dumbfounded that poison could fall out of the sky and affect us to this degree.

Look what it did to this dainty little woodland violet.  

I'm thinking someone had an airplane spraying herbicide to kill the henbit on a windy day.  I wonder if any of the local news people would be interested in this phenomenon.  


  1. That is terrible. Hopefully you won't loose any plants.

  2. If that happened at my house, I would definitely call the Department of Natural Resources as well as your county extension office of the University of Missouri. If your high school has an ag department or FFA chapter, that teacher may be interested in a little "life lesson" for the enrolled students. We should all have the right to not have herbicides or pesticides on our property if we choose.

  3. I would have this checked out. This could be poison or make you sick to eat.

  4. This is scary, have you found out anything?

  5. Very worrisome! If it does that to the plants,what else might it be hurting? I'm hoping for answers for you!

  6. Would make you want to wash everything extra good at the least. What a shame!
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  7. How sad for the plants involved. It is disconcerting for sure.

  8. I honestly don't know who you should contact, but Charade (above) had some good ideas. This shouldn't go unnoticed.


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