Monday, January 12, 2015

I will never change my Medicare insurance again

I've had the most frustrating morning you can imagine.  I'm in need of a dentist, and all I wanted was to find out whether my current dentist was on the list of providers with my new Humana HMO/Medicare policy.  I logged onto the website.  I clicked to do a provider search for dentists, but the click took me to a new page that didn't recognize my member number, although I was logged onto the main page just fine.  

So I called the customer service number, where I got the option of pressing 2 for spanish and heard some privacy stuff and how all calls are monitored.  Then, after a list of recorded options and warnings, I pressed 2 for benefits.  I told the person what I needed... to find out whether my current dentist is a preferred provider... and she informed me that the software she uses to find out that information wasn't working and suggested I call later.  By this time I was on the verge of tears.  Why do things have to be so complicated?  I waited awhile and called back and got a different lady, but she got the same results:  The software wasn't working; and in fact, she told me, for some reason that particular software never does work.  But she wanted to put me through to the dental people, who, she was sure, could help me.

No dice.  They didn't have my member number in their system.  Never heard of me.

By now I really WAS crying.  Not screaming, though, because my granddaughter Amber does the kind of work these folks were doing, and she has told me about being screamed at for something she has no control over.  So I just cried and tried to make myself understood.

I think it was on the fourth call that I finally got some help.  No, my regular dentist is not one of their providers, but I got the name of someone who is.  

If this insurance works out for me, next year no matter WHAT increases they make in the cost of insurance, I am sticking with them.  This first-of-year insurance change is driving me crazy.  It always does, but this year has been particularly traumatic.

Actually, though, the Humana people are pretty hard to deal with.  Maybe I'll go back to Coventry next year.  I never had this much trouble with them.  

Of course, the way my memory is these days, maybe I did have trouble with them and just forgot about it.



Don't like the change of insurance either. Actually find it ridiculous. Hubby having nothing but trouble talking to his provider too. Must just be the nature of the business. Glad you got yours straightened out.

Paula said...

I just keep paying a high premium and consider it my vacation, my mansion, and my sports car. Mine is going up $20.00 in March and I'm afraid to change fearing I can no longer see my Hematoligist. Just not fair when we should be able to relax in our older age.

Margaret said...

I have a longish time before I qualify, but my health insurance costs me $600 per month out of pocket(might be more this year) with 2 people on it. However, they paid out well when Patt had cancer, so I don't want to switch.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Going to the dentist is expensive but my insurance doesn't cover it unless it's oral surgery. Hope all goes well with the insurance and the dentist. Thankfully I have not had to use mine yet.

Sister--Three said...

I turn 65 this year and may need your advice. My rb daughter says we should manage our own care and not sign with and hmo's. I will have to pick drug plan tho.