Sunday, May 18, 2014

Changes coming?

It's all set except for signing the papers:  The oldest grandson is buying our place, we will move to the trailer house (yay!), and he and his fiance will move into the old house after doing some work on the inside.  The banker wants to go over the details with us before we sign, so I think that's all that's holding us up.  I do wish I would have had dealings with this banker over the years; he has been most helpful, counseling the kids at every step.  He wants to see them do well and has given them wonderful advice. 

Cliff and I will go on living exactly as we have since we retired, as long as we are able.  Nothing about our life-style should change, except we will have a little more spending money.  Our names remain on the title (but not on the loan), but in five years or so, we will probably have that changed.  

We have thought of every "what happens if?" question that you, my readers, are probably wondering about.  I'm sure that's what the banker wants to talk with us about when we meet up with him.  At my age, in my condition, there isn't much that would shake me up.  I'm too tired to be shaken.  

 Here are the two pigs we bought recently.  They were NOT cheap, due to a disease that is killing baby pigs this year, and also the fact that beef is so high, people will be buying more pork; it's a seller's market.  

The spotted one is the grandson's, and he will split it with his future father-in-law.  He will pay for the protein supplement for both pigs, we provide the corn, and we all have pork in three months or so, good Lord willing.  Cliff and I will be sharing our pork with his brother, who supplied the free corn, and our daughter's family.  

I love having pigs around.  They seem to enjoy life at every turn.  They eat, they play, they wallow in the mud.  They're fun!


  1. That is wonderful news for the two of you. Having your grandson for your neighbor will be nice. I hope all goes well. Those pigs are so cute. It'll be nice too when you have the meat in the freezer.

  2. I'm so happy for you all!! I love this picture!! So sweet!!

  3. Sounds like a great deal for all those involved, both the housing and property situation and the pork futures. ;-)

  4. Sounds like a great solution. That's two nice looking hogs. I'm partial to spotted ones, but hubby tends to fancy the listed ones.

  5. That seems like a win-win solutions for everyone. I know you really missed the trailer. I like the neighbor pig pretty well, except when she roots in our nice front yard and makes holes. :)

  6. What a sweet picture. The baby and the little pigs are so precious. Congratulations on getting back to the house you love. How exciting for you and your grandson.

  7. Always nice to keep a house in the family. I sold my house in San Antonio to my sister's grandson. Made me feel good because we lived there so long and raised our girls there. Now they have paid it off and it makes me proud that I took a chance since they couldn't have bought a house just then without me holding the note.


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