Friday, February 07, 2014

Of books and barbecue

Every book I check out lately is a winner, so I pass them on to Cliff before returning them.  Sometimes this means giving up my Ipad while Cliff reads a book on it, but that's OK; I'm willing to sacrifice for the sake of my husband.  
The one I just finished yesterday is This is Where I Leave You, by Jonathan Tropper.  It's a little bawdy in places, so if that sort of thing bothers you, I wouldn't recommend it.  But I don't know when I've laughed out loud as much as I did at this book.  Cliff was reading a Rex Stout book at the time, and I told him, "I have your next book right here.  This leading character thinks just like a typical man."  
He's been laughing his way through it, just like I did, and at one point said, "This guy must have lived through all this.  You couldn't make this stuff up, it's too real!"  
Well, it isn't an autobiography, it's a novel.  But I'm sure the guy did use his life experiences as he wrote the book.  I found this novel on a list of sixteen books you should read before they hit the theaters, and the book I'm beginning today was on the same list:  Dark Places.  It's been awhile since I've read a mystery-thriller.  
Any time I see a book suggested, by a friend or an online column, the first thing I do is check out how people rate it on  Of course, fantasy, romance and sci-fi are eliminated right out of the gate.  Those are not my cup of tea.  
So this morning I open my latest read and find out it's set in Kansas City.  *perk*  This should be interesting.  Just a few pages in, the main character is meeting up with a banker at a steak house ("the restaurant--- a great, old-school KC steakhouse--- is surrounded by hollowed-out buildings").  Now, I was reading this before breakfast, which means I was starving.  We already had plans to get some pizza today, since the danged old two-or-three pounds we're packing around won't come off anyway.  But when I read "KC steakhouse", my mind totally turned those words into "KC barbecue" and I said, "Cliff, I think I want Oklahoma Joe's instead of pizza today."

a barbecue joint in an old gas station
Because that's how I roll.  

Cliff wasn't thrilled about this turn of events, but we haven't eaten out in a long, long time unless you count Subway followed by ice cream cones and senior coffees at McDonald's, so he would indulge me.  

However, now that I've had my oatmeal (that's what we always have on mornings when I plan evil foods for dinner, like it all balances out, even though it really doesn't), I'm thinking I should just go back to the pizza idea.  We can travel ten miles to Pizza Hut and only spend $15 at the buffet, or travel 50 miles to Kansas and spend $25 getting the slab dinner and splitting it.  Sure, we could get the Z-man sandwich, but since we don't do Kansas City barbecue often, we like to do it right.  

Then there's the fact that if we leave the house, I'll actually have to wear something besides sweats and comb my hair.  Maybe I'll just stay home and read my book.            


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll have to check out the books you are reading...I've been reading a lot and needed some new suggestions.A steak house does sound pretty good right now, but I won't be going to one...I made it out to the grocery store and can cook up my own and a baked potato too.

Anita said...

I've put "This Is Where I Leave You" on my list. Based on your review and links, it's going up high on the list. I don't read enough books by men, so this one got my attention - especially when you said there are laugh out loud parts. Thanks!

Gotta agree with you that sometimes passing up a good restaurant experience is okay because of the "getting dressed" factor. :)


Inquiring minds want to know... what did you decide??? Both options sounded good to me.

Margaret said...

Yes, what did you decide? Do you think I would like the book? I like to laugh!

Donna. W said...

We did go to Oklahoma Joe's, and the ribs didn't disappoint. We were still raving about how good it was at bedtime. Margaret, I can't imagine anyone not liking the book, unless it was someone offended by some of the off-color scenes and situation, and I know that wouldn't be you. Picture four grown siblings from a dysfunctional family forced to spend a week together.