Monday, December 17, 2012

The sound of silence

After the tragedy in Connecticut last Friday, I found no reason to blog.  There was no motivation.  I did not, and still do not, intend to address the whole matter at all:  it has been paraded and discussed ad nauseam  by the media folks who refuse to get out of that town and leave the grieving families to mourn in peace.  Let's just say that my Internet silence was my way of honoring those children.  
That is the only mention of these horrific events that you will see on this blog, because honestly, I do not feel worthy or qualified to discuss the situation.  All I can do is pray for those people, and for the state of the world.

Last week I called CenturyLink to complain about my poor Internet speed.  After talking with the tech for a few minutes, I decided I should leave well enough alone and just be thankful for what I have.  But then he dangled a carrot in front of me:  "Did you know that we are offering a package that includes 10 Mbps (whatever that is) for only $5 more than you are now paying?  And this includes unlimited long distance on your phone."  
I explained to the guy that we are far back from the road, and when we moved back here, they were unable to give me any more than 3 Mbps.  
Oh, but now they supposedly can, and they were going to check the lines out this way and do it today, Monday.  I was going to have over three times the speed to which I am accustomed.  Wow, bring it on!  
This evening I noticed my Internet speed was about 50 more Mbps than usual.  Yeah, less than four Mbps.  My phone worked just fine, though, and I could call long distance numbers.  Big deal.  We have cell phones for that.   
I called customer service and after waiting on hold for about ten minutes, a very nice fellow came on to assist me.  
There's a line problem.  
Someone will be out tomorrow.  
I tried to tell them it wouldn't work out here in the boonies, but we'll see.   I'll let you know how it turns out.    


  1. I didn't get the speed stuff, but I take it that the guy's promise was a bunch of hooey?

  2. My ISP keeps increasing their internet speed, which is fine if they want to do that, but my PC will only go so fast, no matter how much juice they give it. So I don't notice the upgrades.

    I agree completely with your comments on the current events, and I think your thoughts were very well stated ~

  3. The heartless and tactless news media should get out of Connecticut and leave those grieving people alone.

    I'll admit it - I have no clue how many Mbps I have or what they are, but my computer works pretty well for being in the Texas boonies.

    "Sounds of Silence" is one of my all-time favorites.

  4. megabytes per second.


    Mo Rage

    Happy holidays.

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

  5. I've wondered what happened to you the past few days and am glad you let us know why you hadn't made any posts. I've been praying that the dear Lord will send comfort those broken hearts. It is well beyond words. yes, most of the time it is better to be happy with what we have. It'll be interesting to see how your internet goes.


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