Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yesterday: portrait of a good day

I put that square baler Cliff used on Craigslist Friday, adding a link to a video of it actually working.  I was pretty sure that video would sell it, and it did.
Cliff made a tidy profit, this fellow and his brother got a good deal, and we don't have to worry about rounding up young men to help every time we bale hay.  Cliff and his tractors can handle the big round bales without dragging in reluctant help.

Then we went to a tractor show, one we attend every year.

You see a lot of things besides tractors at a tractor show.  Did you know they made dishwashers in 1914?  It was news to me.

It didn't require electricity, but you had to stand there and move the handle until the dishes were clean.

What would you call something like this?  And how did the guy come up with the idea?

I have been wanting Cliff to fix some sort of comfortable way for me to ride with him on the Oliver when we are in parades or on tractor rides.  I got a couple of ideas for him yesterday:
This fellow replaced the regular tractor seat with a school-bus seat, so he and his wife can sit side-by-side and even hold hands as they go down the road.

Isn't this fancy?  Although Cliff said if the driver hit a bump while going to fast, the rider might bounce right off.  The advantage of this one is that you could haul your wife and a couple of grandchildren, unless you have a really fat wife.    

After we left the tractor show, Cliff took me to eat at Texas Roadhouse so I would shut up about it.  We both had a delicious steak and loaded potatoes and a Caesar salad, and got full before we ate it all, so we asked for a take-home box.  It was sitting right there on the table ready to grab, but as I started to get up, my knee locked up painfully (not the replacement knee) and that distracted us.  We left our delicious, expensive steak leftovers behind.  I was depressed over that for a couple of hours; it almost ruined an otherwise perfect day.  Then I decided it was God's way of telling us we didn't need those calories.  

We were almost home when it started raining, which was the icing on the cake of a wonderful day because all the local farmers are done planting and most of them have their hay put up.  It's a perfect time for rain.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've left my leftovers behind by mistake too and always feel bad about it for awhile. When I go out to eat, I always think of my dinner as two meals for the price of one. The servings are always too large to finish. Anyway like you said, it was meant to be. So glad you had your almost perfect day. Sending best of wishes for Cliff - Hope he has a Happy Fathers day!


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. LOVE the dishwasher.

Margaret said...

I've often left my box at the restaurant, which is OK because most of the time, the left overs don't taste as good the day after. That's my consolation anyway. Looks like a fun day!