Saturday, June 29, 2013

Something I recall from when I was five years old

My parents and I would have lived in Iowa when this was taken.  My cousin, Frances (the one on the right holding her sister), and I were five years old.  The kids with me are my dad's youngest brother's children.  I'm the third from the left.  We're all squinting in the sun, obviously, so I don't think we look our best.  
Here's what I remember about our visit up there:  That baby on the left was an easy-going child, and when I got to hold her (I was five, remember), I thought it was a big deal.  Not only that, but as I held her she went to sleep, and I took the credit for putting her to sleep.  We are, I believe, sitting in the yard of Aunt Helen's mother Ardis in Harlem (Kansas City, not New York City).
We went in Ardis' house where there was a record player.  Someone, I think Uncle Cecil, stood Irene on a kitchen chair right beside that record player and played a record, "Irene, Good Night" by the Weavers.  It was quite a hit back then.  Little Irene stood there smiling hugely through the whole song.

Notice a VERY YOUNG Pete Seeger in this video.  He is in his 90's now.

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What sweet memories you have. Beautiful photo. Song reminds me of my MIL. Her name was Irene too.