Friday, June 14, 2013

Plans change

This morning I was going to do an entry about yesterday's events.  I'm a little late with that because Cliff's favorite aunt is in the hospital again with asthma.  She had a really bad night this week, and she seems to feel pretty sure that her time on this earth is limited.  She wanted me and Cliff to come and celebrate part of our anniversary day with her, so we did.  I don't do as well blogging in the evening.  I'm a morning person.  But I'll go ahead and do an entry anyhow.  I appreciate the comments from long-time readers telling me how happy they are that I have made blogging a priority again.

Yesterday forenoon, Cliff raked the clover.  It was so rank, he didn't think it would ever cure.  Thanks to ideal haying weather, it was ready to rake and bale a day earlier than he expected.

This cottonwood tree is very near the clover field, which is to the right of this picture.  I spread a blanket in the shade there, lay down, and watched Cliff rake.  I actually dozed off for a while.  I love this tree!  Cottonwood trees make the most soothing noise when the wind blows through them.

After dinner, around one o'clock, Cliff started baling with the wire-tie baler he had never used.  Watch it in action; we were amazed.

Our oldest grandson, Arick, rounded up lots of good help to get the small square bales loaded and hauled to the barn, since Cliff is too old and tired to pick up hay bales.  Believe me, we appreciate their help!

While they were doing the hard work, Cliff moved the large round bales to the barn.  We're pretty sure we already have enough hay for next winter.  I'm not sure what we will do with the next clover cutting.  There is room for a few more big bales.  Of course, if it doesn't rain, the whole scenario changes.

After the work was done I put the square baler on Craigslist, because Cliff doesn't intend to make other people put his hay in the barn.  If we sell the baler, he will make a tidy profit.  



That tree looks like the perfect place to take a nap.

Margaret said...

I'm not a napper, but that tree looks tempting. I love to doze off outside but am not much for naps in the house. What interested me is that you called it dinner; do you call the evening meal supper? We call the midday meal lunch and the evening one dinner. As a language teacher, I find uses of language fascinating.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too had an afternoon nap out in the shade here yesterday, but I wasn't under a beautiful tree like yours. Glad the weather made for some good hay there for you and that you had that help. Sorry to hear about Cliff's aunt. Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Hyperblogal said...

Cottonwood Trees sound like the sea and have leaves that twinkle the sunlight.

Southern Gal said...

As a girl visiting my Grandma Howard's farm, falling asleep underneath a shade tree in the summer was so soothing to me. I'm glad you and Cliff got your hay put up.

patsy said...

That is the way to put up hay. I remember being in a hay loft and dragging bails of hay that weighted as much as I did in July. Terrible job.
red wasps above my head and the air hot as hell with daddy on the wagon shoving the bails to me and Richard as fast as he could.
one time he woke us in the middle of the night to drag the hay out of the barn because it was heating up being to green, that night I told him just what I thought of a daddy that made us do such a terrible job. we didn't help him put the hay back the next day . he got hired help to help him . I have often wondered if my complaining the night before made him ashamed.