Sunday, June 02, 2013

Time to check in

I think Facebook is keeping me away from my blog:  I do multiple short updates there saying everything I share on my blog, and then I'm in no mood to tell it over again here.  
First of all, Cliff is doing great!  Yesterday he spent a normal day, with two or three hours of tractor time (at least) and over half an hour weed-eating.  No protests, please.  The doctors have said over and over that he can do anything he wants as long as he doesn't lift over twenty-five pounds, which could give him a hernia.  They might even lift that restriction tomorrow.  We are SO hoping he can get the last tube pulled tomorrow.  Its output now is only six to eight milliliters, so unless there is some problem with how the fluid looks, he should be free of it.  

Yesterday we put a mirror in the box with Chickie.  Now she has a new best friend.

  That green blob is a wilted lettuce leaf.  Chickie had great fun pecking at it and playing with it yesterday.  I need to replace it with a fresh one.  
I must get ready for church, so I am making this short and sweet.  

Here is Remley's version of my picture:
"Donna caught on right after taking the picture.  Those dang farm cats are sure determined."


Lucy said...

I see your comments on Facebook but glad to read your blog.One of our bloggers said they thought that bloggers would eventually leave blogging entirely and then blogging would go by the wayside, and Facebook would take over. I hope not. I am not real comfortable on Facebook. Those pictures crack me up. I am so glad your Cliff is getting so much better.

Jon said...

I'm so glad that Cliff is doing well. The Chickie with the mirror is really cute.
A word of caution: don't put too many mirrors around. Thoser darn farm cats are getting too fancy!

As for Facebook - - they won't let me access my account because they still think my account is fictitious!!!! Can you believe it???
They want a copy of my birth certificate and driver's license.
Hell will freeze over before I ever give them that!!!!


How clever to put a mirror in with the chick to keep her company. glad to hear from you here on the blog. I don't do Facebook. I'm saying a prayer. Hope Cliff gets to lose the tube tomorrow.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thankfully each time I get concerned because you have't made a post, you do write something. Facebook has taken away a lot of bloggers, but I still prefer blogger.

Margaret said...

Delighted about Cliff and do you now definitely have a house chick? ;)

krueth said...

What good news to read that Cliff is able to on his tractor again and doing things that he likes to do. Cute and funny chicken and cat, LOL Don't give up your blog, I so enjoy it. Wendy