Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello there!

The Asiatic lilies are strutting their stuff
I haven't forgotten my blog, we just had a busy weekend.  Saturday we went to a tractor show at Adrian, Missouri, and yesterday we spent the day visiting with my cousin Gerald and his wife.  We rode around the countryside, yakking all the way, ate dinner shortly after noon at Ryan's, and just had a lovely time in general.  Gerald had been concerned about whether Cliff was recovering from his recent surgery, and we figured the best way to let him know was to show up in person.  He was a bit shocked when he found out we sold the motorcycle, but we assured him that we don't miss it, and are simply thankful that we enjoyed it so much for seven years without getting injured or killed.

When prices are reduced on annuals at the end of the season, I buy their odds and ends.
Cousins seem to mean more to us as we get older.  We're going to visit my cousin Betty and her husband this afternoon.  They are only a short distance away.  

I need to get back to my mowing, but I wanted to at least do a short blog entry while I was in here cooling off.  

This is the first year my Golden Rain Tree has bloomed.  I'll bet next year it will really show off.

OK, back to push-mowing my part of the yard.  I'll try to do a longer entry next time.


ingasmile said...

Love to see the things in your yard! I have seen those trees blooming and wondered what they were and now I know thanks to your blog. How timely!


Donna said...

Inga, we kept admiring a big tree in somebody's yard not far from here and wondered what it was. One day as we were passing, we pulled over and asked him what it was. That's how we found out. They are actually considered a nuisance in some areas because they repopulate themselves like weeds. When we used to go to Arkansas, the woods there was full of them. No danger of mine repopulating the place, since we mow our yard frequently.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've seen that tree blooming here in several different places, the most recent was in our mall parking lot and I wondered what it was. It is beautiful when in bloom. It's very hot here and I don't envy anyone mowing grass in this heat. Glad you are taking a break. It didn't cool off much overnight at all. Your lilies are beautiful! Ours are starting to bloom here too. My Easter lily that I got several years ago is blooming too out near the rose bush in the back. It's a colorful time of year and I'm loving it, even though most of what I'm seeing is through the window as the only comfortable place to be is indoors.


pretty flowers. It was good to see Iris.