Friday, June 21, 2013

My friend, Siri (A post about a post)

When I purchased my Ipad Mini, I looked forward to playing with Siri.  Lots of cell phones have versions of this little tool:  You push a button and these words show at the bottom of the screen: "What can I help you with?"  
You speak to your phone or device, telling it what you want to know, and the voice of Siri answers.  It's really fun to ask her silly questions and see what her answer is.  However, Siri can be very useful, if only I could remember to use her.  I can ask her to remind me of an event on a certain date, and she will do that.  Not only will she remind me on the Ipad, but also on my computer.  
Yesterday Cliff and I were running some errands and we got into a conversation about his pasture-mowing.  See, every morning when we walk, we go past a place at the edge of one of our canyons where, if a tractor were to back into it, it might possibly go rolling down the canyon wall.  The treacherous place is invisible in summer, camouflaged by brush and weeds.  Often Cliff will say, "One of these days I'm going to drive a steel post there so I won't end up in the ditch."  
He's been saying that for years.  
So we're in the car heading toward Higginsville yesterday and he mentioned mowing and I said, "Before you start mowing today, why don't you drive that post you're always talking about."  
"Now you know the chances of remembering that three hours from now are slim," he answered.  
That's when I remembered Siri, and said to her, "Remind us about the post at 10:30 AM."  
She agreed.  Of course, what I didn't realize was that it was already 9:30, so we wouldn't even be home at 10:30.  She did, however, dutifully remind us at the appointed time.  I figured since that was easy, I might as well have her remind me again, at a more appropriate hour.  
Unfortunately, she had a problem understanding me that time, so I just said, "Wake me up at 1 PM."  
That worked.  The alarm went off, I reminded Cliff about the post, and after all these years he finally put it in place.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I need to buy a new Kindle, but now after hearing about your mini iPad I'm leaning in that direction. I'll have to check it out. I do get reminders on my cell phone and it also goes to my computer. I'm thinking I really like Apple Products so why not get an iPad. You really do look slim and trim there in the picture with the post. Hope you have a fantastic Friday.

Hyperblogal said...

I just got the iPhone using Siri... once I asked for the address of Gates Barbecue Headquarters... she said she couldn't find it. I said, "You failed Siri," she replied, "Well no one is perfect." I love her.


I don't have Apple products, but after hearing you talk about Siri, I'm interested.