Monday, June 10, 2013

Mowing hay

This was a sight for sore eyes this morning.  Finally, we may have (cross your fingers) enough nice days to mow, cure, and bale hay.  

This is the field with alfalfa in it.  We asked for clover seed and paid for clover seed, but alfalfa is what we ended up with, along with the orchard grass we put with it.  Had we known we were planting alfalfa, it would have been seeded a lot heavier and we wouldn't have bothered with the orchard grass.  Pure alfalfa hay is worth a pretty penny.  

Cliff likes to cut alfalfa at 1/4 bloom, but with all the rain that was impossible, so it's in full bloom.  The cows will like it fine and it will be OK for them; it just won't have as many nutrients as it could have had.

Chickie is spending the day in the chicken house with the big girls and guys.  She is safely in her cage with her own food and water, but this way she has company.  Everybody can get used to one another without the big chickens getting a chance to kill the little one.  

I am going to try and get back to regular blogging.  Facebook truly does distract one from doing blog entries, and if I had to pick and choose between the two, I would choose blogging, hands down.  I temporarily deleted my Facebook account, probably only for a few days, so I wouldn't be distracted from my goal of giving more attention to my blog.  I had to smile when I clicked on the link that would disable Facebook for me:  Suddenly there were pictures of several of my Facebook friends, and under the pictures, "Meesha will miss you" and "David will miss you" and, most pathetic of all, under the picture of a granddaughter, "Monica will miss you."  
She would be least likely of any of my 402 Facebook friends to miss me there, I'm sure.  She's a teenager, after all.  I doubt that my activities and updates are of much interest to her.   

In the garden, the onions are going to seed even though they haven't gotten far in onion development.  Tomatoes got such a late start with the cool weather, I will be lucky to have tomatoes by August.  Usually we have tomatoes in the first couple weeks of July.  
The recent plantings are faring better than early crops.  Okra planted last week is up and so are the late beets and cabbage seeds.  I planted two short rows of sweet corn and am hoping for the best.  Green beans should be blooming in a couple of days, and I'm searching through my seeds trying to find something to plant in the few open spaces I have left.  

So there you have it.    


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This is a HAPPY entry. I can just feel the happiness there at your house. Hay being cut and garden growing. All is right in your part of the world today ! I'll be looking forward to your posts. I agree, Blogging is much more fun!

Rachel said...

Turn your camera the other way (it's probably the iPad, huh?) so we can see a wider view.

I mean, please? LOL


Glad you can mow and get the hay squared away. Chickie had a few curiousity seekers checking her out. She seemed oblivious.