Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stuff you'll find in an old plug tobacco can

Mother kept this can among her treasures; my daddy had it, I suppose, as a little boy. It holds greeting cards in it that his relatives and friends gave him before 1920.

Cards like these.

Also a few of his grade cards; the one you see is from 1918.

At the very bottom of the can was a folded handkerchief. Now, since it was in this particular can, I'm going to guess that perhaps the hankie belonged to Daddy's mother, who died in childbirth when he was still a child.

It's only a guess, though. Do we have any handkerchief experts who would venture a guess on the age of this one? If it belonged to my grandmother, it would have to be about ninety years old. It's bigger than most hankies, measuring 16" by 18". I washed it and it held up just fine.

That's my dad on the left. Just think, back then women had no choice but to have one baby after another. She died giving birth to her next child; the baby died with her.


Diane J. said...

I've got some hankies that were my Grandma's that are nearly that old, and I'd say yours is easily that old. Some of my Grandmas were hand hemmed by her and made from cotton material scraps left from flour and feed sacks. Some of her fancier ones were made from store bought cotton lawn material, but it was rare that she had the money for that.

I'd love to see some of those cards if you'd want to take the time and trouble to scan them in and post them.

I've never heard of that tobacco brand but I'm sure my Mama and Daddy would have remembered it. Daddy dipped snuff and his Daddy chewed Days Work and Good Money, Cannon Ball and Cotton Boll Twist, among others.

Boy, you sure stirred up some memories, Donna! Thanks! ;o)

Tracey said...

How cool is that? And I just adore that last photo; what a treasure!

Toni said...

Oh, Donna. Those cards are not only treasures, but they are truly exquisite. And serious collectors would want to get their hands on them too. I'm thinking you should take them to an office supply store and have them transfer each one to a fabric squre for you, so they can then be stitched into a lap quilt. Lovely!

Toni said...

Oh, and you DO have that old can displayed somewhere, yes? Even if only above an open soffet.

Just Deb said...

What great finds. Wow,is all I can say.

The pics are great. I don't think my family has anything like this.

Thanks for sharing,