Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Am I in some sort of trouble?

In the previous entry, I mentioned having lunch with Congressman Ike and linked to an entry on my AOL journal explaining it.

Checking my sitemeter awhile ago, I was totally blown away to see that my blog has been visited by someone in Washington, DC. Someone who followed the link to my AOL entry and then returned here.

(click to make the screenshot bigger)

Honest, folks. I'm just a simple Republican, but I have ALWAYS voted for Ike. Really!

Pardon me, I think there are some Secret Service people coming up my driveway.


winterskibunny said...

Reminds me of the time I punked my husband. See I knew there were secret service in the area checking out the background of our neighbor for his job.

My husband noticed them. Now meantime, I had written a letter to President Bush asking why he had so much free time on his hand, to try and abolish overtime pay. I further went on to explain, since he really never needed to work his way up, that factory workers and others can not control the hours they are forced to work, but at least they get a little extra money for it.

So I pretended to be scared, and told my husband I thought they were in the area because of my letter to the President LOL.

Muhd Imran said...

I guess the spy movies are in fact very real to life... wait, they're not going to follow this link to my blog will "they?"

Have a good week ahead... dark glasses, trench coat and all.

Glo said...

Yes I always vote for Ike too.Yes I'm Republican as well. He's a nice guy. He comes from a wonderful family. His cousin and I were best friends and neighbors,sadly Ann passed away last month. Don't see anything wrong with what you did. You go Spy Girl.

Tracey said...

LOL...oh, dear...